Early Mother’s Day Table

This week’s tablescape began with these “Marrakesh” dishes by Baum Bros.  Similar sets were made in different colors for Pier 1, but I stumbled upon these at a local overstock store a couple of years ago.  Lucky me!


I thought their creamy-white color would be pretty with the white roses
blooming in the garden.


Look at all this pretty texture …


… and color … and scalloped edges.


I added a little more texture with these unmarked basketweave saucers …


And more shape with this simple glass dessert dish …


A vintage Italian embroidered linen set … placemats, runner, and napkins.  “Italian Countryside” flatware by Mikasa …


“Hammered” glass goblets from Dollar Tree …


“Chippy” beaded thrifted napkin rings …




A little more color and texture atop a botanical-style tray …


I’m sending these dishes home with my Mom in a few days when she returns to Texas.


She loves them … and I’m downsizing. Great combination!


It’s an early Happy Mother’s Day!


My own Happy Mother’s Day came early, too …  For the past few days I’ve been blessed to be surrounded by four generations of family as, together, we’ve welcomed our newest member.  Little Sir is three weeks old today.  Every time I turn around, Little Man is saying, “May I kiss him?”  I know just how he feels …

What’s your Mother’s Day wish … for yourself or someone else?


I’ll be joining Tablescape Thursday at Between Naps on the Porch.


  1. I have seen the dishes at Pier 1 that you referred to and cried because I couldn’t justify buying them!!! Yours…or should I now say “your Mom’s”…really are fabulous, and that color is my favorite! I have not seen those hammered glass stems at our local Dollar Tree stores. They’re pretty cool! I bet they feel fun, too!!! I’m still playing around with ideas for my Mom’s Mothers Day celebration table. She has handed down a strict edict: NO pink and green!!! Those are the colors of her rival sorority, so she always teases about it. What’s funny is that up until a few weeks ago when they started the huge redecorating project at their house, my parents’ colors throughout the entire main floor were…you guessed it!…pink and green!!! “Mauve” is what she tried to call it, but I know better! I always wondered how my Dad possibly got talked into that color scheme! 🙂 Big congratulations to you and your family on the arrival of your newest member!

  2. So beautiful Susan! Everything looks lovely and congrats again on the newest precious member of your family. What a blessed baby! 🙂

  3. Your table is just lovely! And those Dollar Tree glasses: I would love to find those one day. Congratulations on FOUR generations! 🙂

  4. OK, you can’t end with that last comment from Little Man and expect me to remember what I was going to say about the table. That is so precious, and you brought back a vivid memory of a very practical little girl asking if she could hold a whimsical baby sister.

    It makes me smile to think of the daughter downsizing and giving dishes to her mother. Usually, it’s the other way around. I really love the place setting, especially on those vintage linens.

    Can’t believe you found those glasses at the DT. Ours never seems to have the treasures that others find. (Or maybe they just get snapped up before I get there.)

    I think your multi generational time sounds like a little piece of heaven.

  5. The table looks beautiful! Great job. I have never seen that particular plate/pattern before. Very classy looking. What do I want for Mother’s Day? My son has some old doors stashed in his garage and I want one of them! lol xo Diana

  6. How neat that YOU are able to give dishes to your mother. It is usually the other way around.:-) I know our oldest is waiting for the “good” china.:-) I’m not ready to part with it – or much else, for that matter.:-)

    My Mother’s Day wish would be for the family to be together; however, I already know that will not happen this year, so we will visit with the daughter who is a mother. It’s also a good time to see the grandchildren.:-)

  7. Beautiful! I love that pattern and your centerpiece makes it that much more lovely.

  8. Lovely setting!

  9. Well Texas will receive a beautiful settings…this is great!! I hope you all have had a great time. Daughter-in-law is rejoicing today over good test results…now we are all waiting…her hubby leaves in Sunday to Cambodia. Now wouldn’t that just be awesome for him to come back to his pregnant wife….of course, happening before he leaves..LOL

  10. I love the dishes and the “bottled” white roses set them off perfectly.

  11. Just beautiful the combination is wonderful!

  12. Happy Mother’s Day! Great combination of plates, colors and textures. The linens really set the foundation for a very elegant table. Love when Dollar Stores have something great, like your water goblets. Super good buy! Thaks for sherry. ~CJ

  13. This table is utterly delicious! Every stuff on your table seems so delicious to the eyes. I love the napkins, the decorations and how you put the extra touches on each vignette you decorated! You did a great job here! Well done!

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  14. Anonymous says:

    Just wanted to let you know I have those same dishes but in red and we use them all the time and lately if the plate is hot it with literally explode! Were almost out of our dish set because of this…..im trying to find their website to let them know…just words of caution be careful!