SINGLE MOTHERS: Day 13 of 31 Days of Creative Caring


WOMEN… Occasionally called “the weaker sex” but sometimes in situations that require strength beyond imagination.

When that’s the case, just knowing someone cares may be enough to help a woman keep getting up in the morning and moving forward … for herself (and often for her children).


My thoughts today are especially of women who are single mothers.

Single mothers may be women who have lost their husband through death or divorce, or they may be women (often teenagers) who are raising children without the benefit of a spouse. We can encourage them!

  • Offer to babysit. Single mothers need an occasional break!


  • Surprise Mom with tickets so she can take her children on a special outing: the zoo, wildlife park, children’s museum, etc. Finances are often limited for single mothers, and the “extras” are few and far between. It might be nice to include a prepaid gas card, too, if the outing requires much driving.


  • If appropriate, encourage a young single mother to improve her education or job skills so she can better care for her family.


  • Invite a single mother (or several!) and her children on a picnic. The menu can be as simple as PBJ sandwiches … but your effort and the memory-making experience you provide will be greatly appreciated.


  • Occasionally, a single mother is also a victim of abuse, and she has an additional set of needs. Hopefully she is already receiving the professional support (counseling, protection, etc.) that is available to her. If not, encourage and, if necessary, help her to do that.


  • Because single mothers are usually so busy being somebody’s Mom, they often have very little time for themselves. It’s always a nice idea to do something special just for her, too. A care package for one … or a special dinner for a group. Perhaps something lavish like THIS.


  • Of course, any of the anonymous ideas mentioned HERE would always be welcome!


Can you think of other ideas?

This is part of a 31-day series. To read previous posts, go HERE.

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  1. these are lovely ideas. Such an interesting theme you are posting 31 days, gave me something to think about.

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  3. Encouraging ministry opportunities in such a gentle, kind manner. Thanks. Cherry Kay