My Favorite Christmas Ornaments: If I Had to Choose

I’ve made a decision … and it wasn’t easy! As I pulled out Christmas decorations this year, I thought about this question:  What decorations would I keep if I ever had to downsize my collection?

Obviously, I would keep the “family” ornaments. The ones with special significance that we’ve collected through the years. But what about the others? Would I (could I?) get rid of the old Shiny Brites? Or the sweet little wooden ones? Could I part with the beautiful vintage silver mercury glass balls? Or the fabulous old cobalt? Could I walk away from that box of traditional reds — or the newer, cheerful lime greens? The vintage hot pinks? Could I turn my back on the ornately bejeweled beauties? Or what about …

I decided YES (if necessary), I could let every one of them go. I would stop doing a “theme” color each year and would add our family treasures to one set of ornaments. (Gasp!) Today (and I honestly think tomorrow!) the ornaments I would choose to be my “basic” color scheme are … the ornaments in this box.


The ivory and gold ones …

Oddly enough, most of them aren’t very old, but I’ve quickly come to love them.
(Just click on the mosaics if you want a closer look.)

In the bells, churches, and Victorian angels, I see symbols of
faith and Hope and stability … in a world filled with uncertainty.

In the crosses, a reminder that Christmas is eternally linked to Easter.

The clocks remind me that time is precious … to be enjoyed and used wisely.

The beaded and capiz shell-like glittered ornaments are both
purely for “pretty.”

And the gilded cones because I like to indulge them with fresh white roses … just because.

Finally, the mirrors help me ask myself what I’m reflecting to people around me. Mirrors are always reflecting something.

It was a fun moment when I realized that these little mirror ornaments were reflecting my chandelier and gold-stenciled ceiling! (I’ll show you that someday.)
It started as just a box of ornaments — and became a tree filled with inspiration! I’ve surrounded it with other ivory and gold items. (Definitely a favorite color scheme!) I hope you’ll stop back by later this week to see an ivory and gold tablescape … and I’ll show you some close-ups
of my sideboard, too!

I’d love for you to leave a comment and tell me what your ONE color scheme or theme would be … if you HAD to choose!

Until next time, thanks so much for stopping by!

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  1. I went through the same type of questioning this year. Half of my Christmas decor didn’t come out of the box this year, and my goal for next year is to cut it down to 1/3. After that I’m planning to box a lot of it up and donate it. I really felt the need to simplify this year.

  2. Your reflections on the ornaments and the symbolism of each is very thoughful. They certainly do come to have special meanings and memories that we cherish. Your tree is beautiful. Lovely mosaics and photography.

  3. I love this color scheme also. Your tree is so beautiful. I would love to do a theme tree one year.
    Happy Holidays,