Favorite Ideas for Gift-Giving

Three weeks until Christmas, and your time is precious, so here are a few quick-and-easy (very random!) ideas for you this morning. These are NOT affiliate links.


Two Christmases ago, Renaissance Man surprised me with a set of sheets from BOLL & BRANCH. I love their company story—and was “wowed” by their detailed packaging—but let’s be honest:  It’s the verdict two years later that matters.


This is the only set of sheets I now use . . . and they get softer with every wash!  A+


Hemmed Sheet Set in Ivory


A long-time family favorite both to give and receive:  PENZEYS SPICES. If you like to cook (or eat!), these high-quality spices are a “must”.


Their small packs and gift cards make great teacher gifts! (Click on the picture to read a previous post with details!)


RIDGID POWER TOOLS have been “must haves” in our home for a really long time. They are Home Depot’s store brand, but don’t let that fool you. They come with a lifetime warranty! (Just be sure to register them.) After using other well-known brands for many years, we tried a few Ridgid products when restoring our old house. With one exception (because Ridgid doesn’t make the tool!), it’s the only hand-tool brand we buy.  How’s that for a recommendation?



TWO GUYS BOWTIE is a new favorite. We gave one of their wooden bowties as a graduation gift, and it was a huge hit. They’re another company that had me at the packaging! If you’re looking for a unique gift, this may be worth checking out. And they have more than just bowties!



If you need a DELICIOUS + PRETTY + EASY hostess gift (or appetizer idea), look no further than WIND & WILLOW. They have both sweet and savory products—and they’re 10% off this month!


Click on the picture to see these served at a wedding shower I did on my old house front porch.


If you’re a DIYer, these custom etched glasses (for Daughter the Younger) and beer pitcher (for My Favorite Fatigue Wearer) are still favorite projects of mine. And six years later—with daily use—the glasses still look brand new!


Click on the picture to read How to Have Personalized Glasses Without the High Price.



MY FAVORITE GIFTS TO GIVE AND RECEIVE are in this post. They’re the ones that truly reach beyond myself. There’s still time to give those, too! I think it’s the best way to spend hard-earned cash . . .



And then there’s the greatest gift ever given . . .



Have a wonderful week of giving, my friends! And if you have a minute, please leave a comment and share one of your favorite gift ideas!