Rustic Elegance

Interior design professionals and DIY designers alike are attracted to the beautiful plumage of the ring-necked pheasant.


This species of pheasant appeared in the U.S. as early as 1773, but it wasn’t until 1881 when 100 pairs of Chinese ring-necked pheasants were released in the Willamette Valley of Oregon that their population thrived. They were then propagated and introduced throughout the country wherever there was a suitable habitat. Though found elsewhere, pheasants are especially well-established as game birds in Oklahoma, Missouri, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, California, Utah, Montana, and Wyoming.

It was a pheasant hunt several years ago that resulted in my sweet husband providing this gorgeous centerpiece for today’s Fall tablescape. (It also resulted in all the pheasant tail feathers I could possibly want for decorating!) I love the natural beauty of this bird — the rustic elegance …

Notice how the colors become impressively vibrant when the light hits them. Did you even know that a pheasant has lime green, navy, and turquoise feathers in addition to the brown, gold, and red?  Hmmm… that opens up all kinds of design opportunities!


I followed the “rustic elegance” thought and combined an elegant gold damask tablecloth with rustic bamboo placemats (laid so they hang over the edge of the table) …

… then added classically elegant gold-rimmed Lenox “Stanford” china.

I used a turquoise linen napkin with a two-tone Gorham napkin ring … and gold flatware.

Next I added beautiful turquoise and gold design tumblers … and gold-rimmed stemware …

… as well as wide gold-rimmed service pieces — a relish dish here (cream and sugar elsewhere) …


… and Lenox tea light holders.

Time to light the candles …



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  1. A very handsome fella and a gorgeous table too 🙂


  2. He’s beautiful! I think your selection of china is perfect with him too.

  3. Beautiful table, and thanks for the history of your beauty. Looks beautiful in candle light.

  4. The gold rim goes beautifully with the bird, making the table all dress up for the Holiday season.
    Very nice setting!

  5. Beautiful! The pheasant is very handsome; a beautiful mount! He makes a lovely centerpiece. I love the unexpected turquoise blue glasses with the gorgeous gold rimmed china!

  6. The Pheasant is gorgeous…I did not know that they were that colorful..I love your dishes and how this all came together. The placemats hanging off the edge are such a great idea! Thanks for linking up to Centerpiece Wed and sharing all your ideas with us.


  7. Beautiful tablescape! That pheasant is amazing. Hmmm…I wonder if my husband would take up pheasant hunting in the name of decorating???? I need one of those birds! 🙂

  8. Just love your pheasant as a centerpiece. Your china is stunning and really sets an elegant mood.

  9. Ooooh!!! Love the Lenox china and the flatware is gorgeous, too! I am a huge pheasant fan, and yours is really cool!!!

  10. Living in Iowa in the late 70’s and having an avid hunter for a husband, I made a wreath out of nothing but pheasant feathers. The most beautiful wreath I’ve ever seen, simply because of the elegance of the feathers. I never had one stuffed but they are truly breath taking. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful table. Nuff said. JAD

  11. Beautiful pheasant and beautiful table!

  12. I love your pheasant and tablescape. My husband is a pheasant hunter too…so I am blessed with those beautiful feathers for decorating. Once I had a pheasant like yours(that he had mounted after a hunt) then, one day he gave it away!!! He didn’t even ask me if that was alright, the nerve! I am still waiting for another so I can have a wonderful centerpiece again. Thanks for sharing.

  13. An elegant take on an Autumn tablescape. Thank you for sharing your charming design. Cherry Kay

  14. Hi Susan…

    Ohhh…your pheasant is truly a stately fellow! They really are amazing creatures…the many different and brillant colors of their feathers…gorgeous! I live in out in the country in Colorado…we have pheasants wander into our yard all the time! Well my friend, I love your beautiful pheasant and he really is the perfect centerpiece for a lovely autumn table! Your china is fabulous…so elegant! Thank you for sharing your beautiful table with us…I enjoyed your photos too!

    Warmest autumn wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  15. Hi lovely lady. Your Tablescape with the Chinene Ring-Necked Pheasnts for a centerpiece is so Beautiful !! your China go’s so good with the Elegance for your Beautiful Tablescapes.
    I also did a Rustic Tablescape for My Husband. Thanks so much for your lovely comment. Diane

  16. What a beautiful tablescape!! I love the name rustic elegance, it’s perfect! The pheasant is gorgeous! I really like those dining room chairs too!!

    Great job!


  17. Andrea Fruscella says:

    How much did you sell the china set for? The gold rim set with the pheasant is beautiful. I’ve never had china.