Is Blogging a Form of Narcissism? Should I quit?

I’ve thought about quitting.

This blog — just quitting. This week marks 7 years since My Place to Yours made its foray into Blogland. Perhaps it’s the “perfect” time to quit.


But honestly? I don’t want to quit. I love my time here; there just hasn’t been enough of it lately.


But those voices . . . They just won’t go away. 


Why are you still doing this? Do you really think people would care if you disappeared? I don’t know. Would they?


Other bloggers take better pictures, get more comments, are published in magazines, author books . . . And I could start by improving my camera skills.


Emails from your readers are almost always about vintage linens—usually cleaning-related—and you don’t even have a vintage linen business anymore! But I still love vintage linens and know how to care for them. And I’m always happy to help people with their projects.


I’ve struggled with the “should I just quit?” question for quite awhile. I guess all bloggers do at some point. Some of my favorite bloggers who entered Blogland about the same time I did have long ago disappeared. I wonder if the know they’re missed?


Through the years many of you have said various posts of mine have inspired you, challenged you, encouraged you. That’s always been my goal! To share from my heart and (hopefully) connect with yours.


But really, who am I to think my voice matters enough to keep putting it out there? Sometimes I wonder:


Is blogging just a form of narcissism?


nar·cis·sism   /ˈnärsəˌsizəm/

Extreme selfishness, with a grandiose view of one’s own talents and a craving for admiration



This is my blog, and you’re my readers (my friends) and I write about what’s on my mind. When you come here, you see pictures of my house and my projects.


I think a lot about my “blogger voice” and what image I’m “putting out there.”


But really . . . somehow I don’t view this blog as “all about me.”


In my heart, it’s just as much about YOU.


I am keenly aware that when you stop by My Place for a visit, you could be doing something else. And yet, here you are. Thank you for inviting me to share part of your day with you—and for sharing yourself with me.


Over the last couple of months, while struggling through the “should I—or not?” questions, something interesting happened. Totally unrelated (or so I thought), I discovered a Bible study app: She Reads Truth. I was looking for a study I could do daily, something that would help me focus and hold me accountable.


SRT has a “real time” study, but past studies are also available, and I selected a study from two years ago.


Two years ago.


The Scripture portion is timeless (and always timely), but you know what happened? On several occasions over the past couple of weeks, not only did Scripture speak to my heart, but the words of the study’s authors were exactly what I needed to hear.


Those words published two years ago.


I’m really glad those writers wrote their stories. I’m glad they published them on a blog. I’m glad their words are still there for me to read today.


I’m glad they didn’t quit.


Seven years ago I published my first tablescape. A mere two weeks later, I published my first “serious” post: Burn the Pink Candle. Since that time there have been dozens of tablescapes and lots of design- and vintage-related posts.


But there have also been many times I shared my heart with you. Times I wrote from a place that is solely mine—because I’m the only one with my exact life experience.


And somehow, in that wonderfully odd economy of Blogland (and Heaven), my words connected with you, bringing you back again and again to My Place.


I cannot begin to tell you how humbling that is . . .


Is it possible for words I wrote even seven years ago to speak to one of you today?


Dare I ask God to use my words to touch you—as the years-ago words of SRT’s authors are ministering to me?


That is exactly my hope. My prayer.


I’m not going to quit.


I don’t know exactly what this blog will look like as time goes on. (I do know I’ll lose subscribers over this post; it happens every time I mention God. But that’s okay.)


My Place is not for everyone, although everyone is welcome. If you know someone who might enjoy a “wide variety” lifestyle blog filled with inspiration for the soul, will you please take a minute to rummage through my old posts and pick a favorite—then share it with them?


Invite them to join us on this journey.


Let’s keep walking this path together and see where it leads!



Please follow along by subscribing to new posts. It’s the easiest way to stay connected!



How does it make you feel when a favorite blogger disappears from Blogland?

If you’re a blogger, have you ever thought about quitting?

If you WERE a blogger—but not anymore—why did you quit?


I pray you ladies are all doing well—wherever the path has led… I’d love to hear from you!


For those of you who’d like to know more about She Reads Truth, there are several study plans available; some free and some only $1.99. If you don’t have a smart phone, you can find the plans on their website as well. Check it out if it sounds like something you might find useful. (I am not affiliated with SRT — just impressed by its content so far.)


  1. Absolutely. I have not blogged in over a year. I DO NOT miss it! I visit a handful of blogs whom I am friendly with the author/owner. I have lost interest in how tos and DIY. I had downsized 3 years prior to my start in blogging. And there I was was out shopping and dishing and thrifting and Ebay- ing. Not good for me at all. I have been clearing out and donating and am much happier. At this stage, how many pillows do you need? My mindset is, it is not about what you want but what you need.

    • I hear you, Barbara! When blogging becomes all-consuming and priorities start blurring, something’s got to go. I’m so glad you’ve been able to regroup and find balance again! I’m honored you stopped by today. Thanks for the encouragement!

  2. Susan, I can only speak for myself but, to me, your words and thoughts are more important now than perhaps ever before. There is such a need for compassion, and humility, clarity, and gentle yet positive encouragement. When I read what you write, it always reminds me that upsetting news blaring from various sources is not all there is. There are people like you who are doing their best to balance the scales and make the world a better place—and that gives me hope. I want to keep hearing your voice!

    • Shelley, thank you so very much for your words of affirmation. It is such an honor to have you as a reader and online friend. Hopefully one day we can meet in person! As you so eloquently wrote, there is great need in our world for people to encourage each other. I am humbled that you include my voice among one attempting to bring hope. Thank you for taking the time to encourage me.

  3. Susan, I have only recently found your blog and love it. I was so touched by the post you did on the final goodbye to your old home.. I have felt that same emotion. You are a talented writer and have lots to share. It’s very understandable if you feel the need to reclaim some of your time and let your blog go, Just never feel it is narcissistic to write it or that your posts are inconsequential. Several of your posts have meant so much to me. I say, “Keep up the good work!”

  4. Oh, I hope you won’t stop blogging, Susan. Your perspective and life experiences are so valuable. But I do understand what you’re feeling; I’ve often asked myself similar questions. I’m not looking for a big audience or to publish a book, but just to share where I’m seeing God. And I love hearing about where you see God, too, because it helps me see him even clearer!

    • Lisa, I’m so thankful to have resolved to continue blogging. The back and forth of listening to those nasty insecurities that live in my head is such a waste of time and focus. But God, in his faithfulness, is using the wrestling to help me move beyond them.

      Thank you for your encouragement. I, too, hope YOU will blog for a really long time. Your words inspire, encourage, and challenge me often! Oh, my goodness, how we women all need each other…

  5. I appreciate your thoughtful posts, many of your posts have inspired and taught me. Your blog is the only blog to which I subscribe. I do return to many of your posts from the past. It’s a treat to me when I see another post from you in my email – but it probably wouldn’t be such a treat if you posted every day! Your post “How dirty is your faith? Do you ever feel like something in your faith is missing?” is one that is particularly meaningful to me. I am inspired by your post about the community dinners your church sponsored…. , actually I am inspired and uplifted by most of your posts – new ones and old ones. Thank you for continuing to blog and for the way you do it!

    • Wow, Angie, I am truly honored that you only subscribe to one blog — and it’s My Place to Yours! Your words encourage me to “keep on keeping on” because, honestly, there is so much for us to share on this path we’re walking together. I’m glad it’s a treat to see my posts in your email–and I “get it” when you say it probably wouldn’t be if that happened every day. LOL Do me a favor? If it ever ceases to be a treat, please contact me and share your heart instead of just disappearing. Every time I get one of those “one less subscriber to My Place to Yours” notices, I wonder where they went… Thanks!

  6. Alycia Nichols says:

    Hey, girl! I’m one of those who took a break from blogging for a couple of years due to my health. It was a break that – while I missed interacting with everyone and exercising the creative soul that inhabits my body – was actually a good thing. It gave me time to reflect on the “why” of my blogging. It’s not narcissism…at least in my case…but rather a way to express myself creatively, to hopefully help someone out who needs guidance on creating a tablescape, and to get a little socialization in. Even if it is narcissistic, it’s fun! But everyone has to decide what’s best for their lifestyle, what fits within the boundaries of their time constraints, and what gives them pleasure or purpose. I’m not back at blogging every week, but I’m doing what I can, visiting when I can (rarely commenting these days, though), and just enjoying the ride. I hope you can enjoy it, too. As the young people say, “Just do YOU!” As for those who run when you mention God, I know you wish them well. I do, too.

    • Alycia, it’s so wonderful to see you here tonight! Funny, but I was thinking of you just the other day. I didn’t realize you were blogging again, so I need to get up to speed. Like you, part of why I blog is to have a creative outlet — but you are the Queen of Creativity when it comes to tablescapes! Since you’re back in Blogland, I hope that means your health issues have improved and you’re able to do YOU at 100% again . . . because you do YOU so very well! Thanks so much for stopping by AND commenting. That means a lot!

  7. Cindy Scott says:

    Susan I hope you don’t quit blogging! I subscribe to several blogs but yours is my favorite! I feel that you are sincere, authentic, and I love your heart for God. I first found your blog when you blogged about the southern lady magazine where you gave voice to something I felt in to be true and it gave me courage to do the right thing in my walk! I love how you love beautiful things but have it in the proper perspective, putting God first in your life! I too love the ” she reads truth” app and use it daily, it’s awesome!

    • Cindy, thank you for your kind words and encouragement. I’m thankful to have resolved to continue blogging — even getting a “second wind” of inspiration, perhaps. Let’s keep walking this path… It’s so nice to know we’re on it together!

  8. Don’t quit! I just found you. 🙂

    I’ve had similar thoughts as I’ve been posting at Poofing the Pillows almost ten years. With blogs we are speaking as friends. We are having conversations. There are some that you run across that strike me as a little bossy but generally speaking it seems a way for people with similar loves to connect.