How a Google search extended a legacy: The stained old blanket

On New Years Eve, I received an email. The subject line:  Getting stains out of an old blanket


As I clicked on the email, I was sure it would be another (always welcome!) email asking for “how to” advice—but it wasn’t.


It was a success story!

And Kim—a total stranger—wrote to say thank you. Made my day!


Kim had discovered one of my posts via a Google search (thanks, Google!)—and then followed my linen care instructions all the way to CLEAN!  With her permission, here’s the back story…


I had a baby blanket (that had never been used but had been in storage for 18 years) that was made and given to me by my grandmother to put in my hope chest. I wasn’t able to have kids, so in the chest it stayed until now. My second cousin and his wife are expecting their first baby (a boy). This would be my grandmother’s first great great
grandson if she were still with us. I decided to give the blanket to him for his son (he was very close to my grandmother as well and I knew this would mean the world to him). I saw that it had yellow spots in several places, even though I thought I had stored it well. I took it to a dry cleaner with no avail. So I turned to Google and I found your post…. I can’t wait to give it to him. Thank you so very much! Happy New Year!!





There are so many things I love about this story! Probably too many to count… but I’ll try.  🙂


  1. A vintage baby quilt is returned to circulation  Just stating the obvious!
  2. Kim’s thoughtful desire to bless her cousin with creative caring—and her follow-through
  3. Great “re-gifting” idea—passing along a family treasure
  4. The love (and handwork skills) of a beloved family member will soon be introduced to a new generation
  5. Kim took the time to say “thank you!” I’d have never known. Instead, she brought a smile and encouragement to me on the last day of 2015
  6. Little Hudson is lucky to have Kim in his family! He just doesn’t know it yet…


Kim, thanks for allowing me to share your story! I hope it will inspire readers to think about what hidden, stored-away treasures they might pass along to family or friends in the year ahead.


I’m still thinking…


collage dishes


I’m curious… Did any of you give away treasures in 2015? Leave a comment and tell us!


Just a thought…

If linens at your house are sporting stains (from holiday celebrations or hiding out in a bottom drawer), tackle those stains! Click the image below to get started.



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  1. Yes, so many things to love about this! Kudos to Google for opening up new avenues of communication and connection than ever has been possible before. 🙂 I continue to be amazed.