Field Trip Friday #1: Great Smoky Mountains National Park

In less than 48 hours, Summer 2015 will officially begin.


I suspect some of you got a nice jump on it as soon as the kids (and grandkids) got out of school! I hope it is a wonderful season for you and yours. Be sure to fill it to the brim with everything that says “Summer” for you. By the way, I hope you’ll leave a comment and tell me what those things are. I’d love to know!


Growing up, one of my favorite things about Summer was that it allowed time for the occasional day trip. From picnics to berry picking (still not my favorite) to the zoo or museum, that desire for a little field trip has never left me… so I thought it would be fun to take you along on some weekly excursions this Summer. We’ll aim for a wide variety of places, so if one doesn’t appeal to you, perhaps the next one will. I hope you enjoy them!


Field Trip Friday-001


Our destination this week is the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Tennessee. This treasure is virtually in my backyard and—whenever we’re willing to fight the traffic between home and there—it’s a wonderful place to quiet the world.


Smoky Mtns - 1

Smoky Mtns - 2


I meant to tell you… We’re tagging along with Renaissance Man and a dear friend visiting from California. These guys love to fly fish!


Smoky Mtns - 3


Although I’ve fly fished too, I prefer to walk and look. Come along… There’s no telling what we may see!


Smoky Mtns - 4


Every time I see a heart, I still remember the day Creativity disappeared.


Smoky Mtns - 5

Smoky Mtns - 6


Oh, if we were only here a week later… The wild rhododendron would be strutting their stuff!


Smoky Mtns - 7


But these are sure pretty…


Smoky Mtns - 8

Smoky Mtns - 9


Go ahead and take a deep breath… then exhale. The only noise you’ll hear is the lapping of the water against the rocks.


Smoky Mtns - 10


Speaking of rocks… Someone was here before us! Maybe these have been here since the days of the Cherokee.


Smoky Mtns - 11


Or maybe not…


Smoky Mtns - 12


But someone left us a treat! Let’s leave it for the next person…


Smoky Mtns - 13


Yikes! Let’s leave this, too.  Keep walking…


Smoky Mtns - 14


Look! Tiny little pinecones like some people buy at Hobby Lobby.


Smoky Mtns - 15


Does anyone know what’s going on here? It’s like a butterfly convention! Are they eating something? They’re sure not leaving…


Smoky Mtns - 16


Now there’s the view I came to see… My Renaissance Man—calm and still; mist over the water. All is right with the world.


Smoky Mtns - 17


If fishing and walking aren’t your thing, how do you feel about 19th century architecture? There are some amazing log cabins in the Park.


Smoky Mtns - 18


So much history here… Oh, if these walls could talk!


Smoky Mtns - 19


Do you have any vacation plans for the Summer?

If you’d like to go on another field trip, you can find a wide variety of previous ones HERE.


  1. It has been a long time since we have “braved” the traffic to go to the mountains. No special plans here for summer trips, though we will find ourselves assisting TWO daughters – maybe even the third one – with moves! Coming up soon! I hope you are staying cool! xo Nellie

  2. How I miss the Smokey Mtns. During my childhood, college years in TN and later when we lived in GA & NC they were a regular destination. Thanks for a trip back.

  3. Patricia says:

    One of the things I miss most about East TN.
    We were recently in Seattle. It gets lots of rain,
    I was amazed at the size of the rhododendron bushes were. So tall some homes had trained and trimmed them so that they look like trees. The friends with whom we had breakfast called them “rhodies”
    Love it when we can visit and spend the night in a cabin that has a stream flowing beside it. Great way to reduce high blood pressure!

  4. What beautiful images of the Smoky Mts. I went when I was a kid, I hope to go with the girls someday.
    Thanks for sharing and bringing me memories.
    Happy Father’s Day my friend. Thanks for your sweet visit.

  5. Thank you for sharing the beauty. The mountains are one of our favorite places, too.