Mother’s Day gift idea for the SPICY Mama!


What? Not what you expected?


I first heard of Penzeys Spices about a decade ago when a cute little brown cardboard box arrived in my mailbox – four glass jars of grilling spices inside protected with bay leaves, cinnamon sticks, and whole nutmeg. How’s that for eco-friendly packing material?


The gift was a little thank you from a friend – and it made a big impression! Since that day, I’ve ordered Penzeys gifts (and gift cards) online for lots of people, but I was never near a Penzeys Spices store … until just the other day.  I walked into this one in Raleigh, North Carolina.


It was all I’d hoped it would be – and then some!

Penzeys collage Penzeys collage 2


So many good ideas! There’s even a section of the store where you can create a personalized gift box with your specially-selected spices. I love that!


Penzeys 3


So if you’re looking for a SPICY idea for a kind-hearted Mama in your life…


Penzeys kind heart


… an end-of-school thank you for a teacher …




… or a fun gift for the upcoming wedding season, check out Penzeys Spices.  (I’m not compensated in any way by the company. I just love their spices!)


IMG_4517 IMG_4519


Any company that decorates with children’s artwork gets my vote!



Speaking of children… By the time you read this, Renaissance Man and I will be in Chicago beginning several days of intensive orphan care focus at the Christian Alliance for Orphans Summit. I told you in a recent #RiskRejection post that we’ll be leading a workshop for residential care providers. Although adoption and foster care are usually preferable, for some children – like those we serve in Brazil – residential care is the best answer. 

Our workshop will share Hope Unlimited for Children’s highly successful, life-transforming model with orphan care organizations from all over the world. People are coming to Chicago looking for answers… for their children. I hope you’ll pray for them – and for us.

I hope you’ll do more than just pray for the children who have no home… All 153 MILLION of them.


Have you ever shopped at Penzeys Spices?

Have you ever adopted, fostered, sponsored, or in any way raised your voice for an orphaned child?



  1. What a great idea to pack the spices in all the other loose spices!!! I”ll bet the mailman wondered, “What the heck???!?!??!” 🙂

    This is a gift I would absolutely love. I cook three meals a day, and every single one of them requires some kind of spice to give it a little kick. You can never have too many spices in my book!!! Well, as long as you actually USE them, of course!

  2. I have never heard of them, or if I have I have forgotten it. This is such a unique idea for a store and a business. I love the idea of sending a spice themed gift to someone. I think it’s partly because I like herbs and spices, and partly because it opens itself up to such good old fashioned pun.

    … intended.

    Just trying to spice up my comment a little.

  3. I love using spices versus adding salt. Their packaging is fantastic.

    Have a lovely weekend!

  4. Yikes, Susan. There is a Penzey’s store here? And, I found out from you. That is just too funny. I will be heading in that direction this very week. It is only about a thirty minute drive.

    Thanks for the tip.