Do you like sushi? Thank Hugo!

There he was in his blue jeans, red shirt, and knee-high rubber boots… walking along the beach. Walking out to sea.

Hugo Chile

His name is Hugo. He’s a seaweed harvester.

Chilean seaweed fisherman

So are these men and women…

seaweed fishermen

If you like sushi, you can thank Hugo and his friends. They work hard to gather the various kinds of seaweed that make sushi so beautiful and tasty.  Sorry, Hugo. I only like the beauty of sushi!



Theirs are lives of much uncertainty… When the weather cooperates and they can gather and dry the seaweed, they have a good day. But when it rains, the fresh water renders their already-gathered seaweed “ruined”. Obviously, timing is critical… seaweed prices

Although Hugo’s life is one of subsistence living, Renaissance Man and I were blessed to see beyond that.

As we approached his house last month during a hike along the gorgeous Chilean coast, Hugo invited us to join him for freshly-caught Jack Crevalle. He’d been watching for us… the table already set, and hot fish straight from the pan.


We were humbled to watch Hugo’s biblical hospitality lived out before our eyes.


When I asked if I could take pictures, he eagerly agreed – and then, almost as an afterthought, told me to wait while he added a bottle of wine to the table… “for the picture only”.  Gotta love his sense of humor!


The time we spent with Hugo in his “straw bales covered with concrete” house – with its magical light and gorgeous views – is time I treasure. It made me think…


Sadly, though, it brought to mind the many times in my life I’ve failed to open my home to friends, much less strangers, because

  • the house wasn’t clean
  • I hadn’t been to the grocery store
  • there wasn’t enough money to serve “good” food
  • I hadn’t planned ahead – and “they’re probably busy anyway”

You get the idea…


Chile fisherman

But Hugo – with his big smile, tidy-enough house, and horse shoe for good luck – opened his arms and his heart and shared his home with strangers.


May each of us do likewise…

Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God.

Hebrews 13:16 ESV


When’s the last time you opened your home “on a whim” and invited someone to share time with you? I’m trying to do it more often these days… Hugo set a good example!


I’ll be back soon with some gorgeous edibles on all-white dishes.

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By the way, I haven’t told you often enough lately… I’m so glad you stopped by!


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  1. What great thoughts on hospitality. I sadly have often hesitated inviting people over for some of the very reasons you listed. I find though that when you invite someone over, you invite them in. And that is what makes the difference…

    As for the seaweed, I have seen some lovely framed specimens in frames. Definitely a beauty in all God creates!