The JOY of Simplicity

Every time I walked into the room, I smiled. Every.single.time.


It didn’t hurt that the view was breathtaking and the company delightful… or that the food was “to die for” – but I smiled because I experienced the JOY of Simplicity.


Rather than filling the dining room at The Cliffs Preserve (Patagonia, Chile) with an overabundance of flowers and “expected” table decor, the staff practiced what is perhaps a tablescaper’s best kept secret:  Restraint.


The decor was simple. Native Chilean crafts…

Chile crafts


A single metal box… used differently each time I saw it.



The same decor used in different ways… and different places.



Beautiful “art” provided by the Master Artist himself… available to anyone willing to slow down and walk on the beach.





Roots, dried seaweed, and shells…



Never used the same way twice – or in the same location – my senses were delighted every time I laid eyes on these simple, beautiful objects. During this time of downsizing my life to upsize my faith, it was an affirming reminder to avoid the trap of accumulation. To slow down and look at the beauty all around me.


Now that I’m back home in Tennessee, this is no longer my view.



But soon this will be…  and I plan to slow down long enough to enjoy it!



Have you experienced the JOY of Simplicity lately?

Do tell!


Many thanks to all of you who have sent Valentines for our girls in Brazil! If you still want to participate, it’s a “simple” project… and it’s not too late. Just click the link on the sidebar for all the details.


I’ll be back in a couple of days with the final chapter of our Old House Renovation Story.

Until then, I hope you have a “simply” wonderful weekend!


  1. With all this traveling, *sigh* will Kelley be missing out again this year with the Valentines? *sigh* I hope not, says she.

    Lovely image. I’m simplifying in the Inspiration Station today, so this was spot-on! I’m only home this time for 10 days and trying to keep house and prepare for a family seminar on Palau………………..

    Hugs and welcome home,

  2. Oh what a lovely visual treat you have blessed me with.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Lovely pictures. I love the gnarly wood in the pictures, it adds incredible character to the room.

  4. Hi Susan, how have you been ? Simplicity is the real essence of life, look anywhere in nature, dress and especially food too , all the recipes i love are the simplest. Take care 🙂

  5. The beauty of simplicity. It makes us slow down and soak it all in. Blessings on this journey and all that God has in store for you as you walk in obedience.