If you’ve been blessed by love, read this!

I thought of you last Fall when this pair of antique courting couple brass girandoles sold in my Etsy shop. While packing them to ship, I realized I’d never used them in a tablescape. So–in October–I put together a quick romantic Valentine’s Day tablescape to celebrate young love and old mature love.
courting couples

All it took was a few simple elements:

  • Antique lace
  • Gold-encrusted Lenox china (a mixture of “Stanford” and “Hanover” patterns)
  • “Pops” of red
  • Roses – white (purity, youth, innocence) and red (respect, courage, passion)

Valentine courting couples

Young love to mature love… It’s a beautiful thing to observe – and to experience. Many of us have been blessed to witness our own parents’ and grandparents’ relationships – and to learn from their choices, both good and bad.


Valentine tablescape

But what happens when caring parents weren‘t present?  Or when a young girl is abused – or prostituted – by her parents?  When she’s taught that her only value is as a sexual object?  How can she possibly understand what true love is?

That is the reality for most of the girls we serve at Hope Unlimited for Children. The concept of dating and marriage, love and family, evoke feelings of confusion and guilt and fear.  But their story doesn’t have to end there …

In Brazil, the Day of Love is in early Summer.  On that day, surrounded by godly women who love them, the girls at Hope Unlimited are taught about true love and purity and what it means to be of value as one of God’s highest creation – and loved by their Creator. As part of their celebration, each girl receives Valentines that show them they are special.  Valentines that come from people who took time to make a few extra Valentines for someone they don’t know.  People like you and me.  It’s a very small act that has a huge impact on the way young girls think of themselves – and how they face the future.
I remember receiving Valentine’s Day cards at our party from people in the United States. The first time I opened one of these cards, I was overwhelmed.  Someone who didn’t even know me, but who wanted to encourage and pray for me, sent it with love.
~ Hope graduate; mother of two

If you’d like to join me in making Valentines for the girls of Hope, you can be certain you’ll bring happy smiles and growing confidence into a young girl’s life.  It can be as simple as making a couple of extras when you write Valentines to your loved ones … or you can make an “event” out of it and involve your Sunday School class, ladies Bible study group, mission group, civic organization, Girl Scout troop, sports team – parents of daughters.

Send your Valentines marked “Valentine Project” to
Hope Unlimited for Children
P.O. Box 100
Jefferson City, TN  37760

All Valentines mailed between now and April 1 will be translated and shared at the 2014 Day of Love celebration.  To read more about this year’s Valentine Project, click HERE. More stories are listed on the sidebar. (This one’s my favorite!)


Thank you in advance for caring!


Be sure to check out *more* Valentine inspiration at the bottom of this blog.


I’ll be joining Tablescape Thursday at Between Naps on the Porch.


  1. I love the way you tied this antique romance table in to the project this year. You actually made me stop and think about all those, in far away countries and maybe right down the street, who have never had that model in their lives. It fits so well with something that I’ve been praying about for a while now.

  2. Giving to women whose lives haven’t been so blessed is something we should do as the line that separates us is very narrow. Thank you for reminding us with both your words and your table.

  3. Wow, that brought tears to my eyes! What a wonderful project. Yes, we are so blessed to have known love and gentleness and tenderness and many have never known that. Thanks for sharing and your table is beautiful.

  4. A beautiful, thought provoking, and inspirational post. Your words of wisdom, pretty table and worthwhile cause is appreciated. Great post.

  5. What a wonderful project, and yes the line is thin….So many people are not so fortunate to have love or be loved in their life! Joni

  6. Your table is just stunning! I love everything about it from the tablecloth to the dishes, stemware, centerpieces, and your beautiful home! However, I was hooked reading about the Valentine Project. I have never heard of this organization and enjoyed reading all about it. I will send valentines…I want these special children of God to know that indeed they are loved.

  7. Beautiful…love that lace tablecloth…