BLOGGERS UNITE: Give Yourself a Gold Medal – and a Silver and Bronze…

We bloggers practice our craft.  Sometimes we even feel like we’ve performed well. But the post that bared our soul or stretched us in some way gets buried in the Archives … and new readers aren’t likely to find it … and (perhaps it’s just me, but) it seems like if they could only read it, they’d understand us better.


IS it just me — or do you bloggers out there sometimes feel that way, too?


Over the next couple of weeks, while these are awarded to athletes who have perfected their craft and performed well, let’s have our own medal ceremonies – and introduce ourselves to new readers while we’re at it! And readers – you get to meet some fantastic new bloggers!



Between tonight’s 2014 Olympic Winter Games opening ceremony and the closing ceremony on February 23, think about all of the posts you’ve written.  Are there some that really stretched you?  Some you’re especially proud of?  Any you’d like to reprise?


Pick THREE past posts you consider – for whatever reason – to be some of your best. Why three?  Bronze, silver, and gold, of course! Then take your place on the blog awards platform and publish a new post with links to your top three posts from the past.


By the way… Thank you, Sochi, for your hospitality. The world is watching – and Blogland is partying along with you!

I’ll go first …
It was really hard to decide, but since I can use any criteria I want – and so can you! – I’ll just put these out there.


I hope you’ll do the same!


How Did This Happen?

The End of Life As We Know It


Now it’s your turn…


Logo and medals: click pics to see original sources
Medal clip art:  click HERE to see original source


I’ve never been to Russia, but I once did a Russian Winter tablescape.  Does that count?  🙂



  1. I am just getting a chance to sit down and read posts so I’m just now seeing this. I couldn’t agree more about the fact that there are old posts which would make newer readers just “get” me more. I’ve explained my names for the family, for example. There are other things too, like the reason that I use pieces of chocolate on the Bible for my Sunday posts.

    I want to do this. Don’t know when I will because it will take some time to pick, but I love the idea. Is the link up at the end of this post? I’m daft, you know.

    Now, to go read about that dining room of yours!

  2. I wasn’t going to come back and comment about the winners, but I can’t help myself. I recognized the gold medal one by title but had to reread the others. I loved them both. In fact, that bronze one is one of my favorite posts that you have ever written. I have paraphrased your thoughts to others on many occasions.

    You are right. These posts definitely show your heart.

    I actually think you could have reposted them one at a time in their entirety for “fly by” visitors. They are worth the reading.

  3. Thank you for sharing these again, dear Susan. You chose well.