SPEAK LOVE this Valentine’s Day


Those multi-faceted expressions we use to communicate.



  • choose them carefully
  • spew them carelessly
  • use them to build up—and tear down
  • absorb the ones that hurt us—and replay them in our minds over…and over…and over
  • tend to forget their power

Words leave lasting impressions.

Remember the last time someone said something that hurt you? Of course you do.


For the past few years, many of you wonderful My Place to Yours readers have participated in the Valentine Project for the girls we serve at Hope Unlimited for Children—girls who only knew violence, exploitation, and abandonment before coming to Hope. Love was not spoken to them.


That’s why at Hope we SPEAK LOVE into their lives. When they come to Hope, girls experience the true, transforming power of God’s love… and every year, people just like you and me get to help by sending Valentines to encourage, build up, and bless them.


No longer are these young girls forced to see themselves only as sexual objects but, instead, they’re taught about purity, healthy relationships, and God’s overwhelming love for them—no matter what their past.




One day these girls will share that same love with others—making a lasting difference for generations to come. Now that’s what I call a success!


You can be part of their transformation!


This year, when you sit down to write Valentine cards for family and friends, write an extra one—or more!—for a girl at Hope. Cards can be store-bought, handmade, made by your children… doesn’t matter. Feel free to write a note of encouragement if you wish. Don’t worry; it will be translated for you.


If you like, you can even use some of these Portuguese phrases.


You are a beautiful young lady!
Você é uma menina linda!
Know that you are loved.
Saiba que você é amada.
You are beautiful!
Você é linda!
God loves you more than you can imagine!
Deus te ama mais que você consegue imaginar!
With love,
Com amor,
Your friend,
Sua amiga,
God bless you,
Deus te abençoe,
We want every girl to receive dozens of Valentines. We want every child to know she’s loved.


We want you to SPEAK LOVE LOUDLY!

Share this project with family and friends, civic and church groups, blog readers. Let’s SPEAK LOVE to girls who have been abused, trafficked, prostituted.


Brazil’s Day of Love isn’t until Summer, so you have from now through April 1 to send your cards to the address below. I hope you’ll also prayerfully consider including a financial contribution to Hope Unlimited for Children as an extension of your Valentine’s celebration this year.


Hope Unlimited for Children

P. O. Box 100

Jefferson City, TN  37760




To read more stories about these girls and the Valentine Project, go HERE.


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  1. Hi! I love this post and will be recruiting some folks to come over and share this as well! I think your words today were so powerful and so truthful! I lost my job in November and taking verbal beatings from the doctors sister-in-law (office manager) for two years was getting to be more than I could bear. You can never let go of those hurtful things although I pray about them daily and for the mean people who said them. I remember hearing Dr. James Dobson say a teacher in the first grade berated him for starting his art project ahead of her finishing what she wanted done! He was hurt and disappointed and never felt very creative after that! Same thing happened to me as a high school freshman! To this very day I am fearful of sewing and a few of my very creative friends have encouraged me to try it anyway because I could do it! One day, I may have to invest in a sewing machine and try it again after so many years!
    Thank you for sharing this beautiful post. I truly will get busy and get some cards off to these ladies. God bless you for your incredibly selfless act here. I also plan to let lots of people know that they should stop by too. Thank you and HPS to you.

  2. Speak love. I like that. I feel it, too. Susan, this is a wonderful post. What can be accomplished with loving hearts, hands and words is amazing.

    Happy Pink Saturday, my loving friend.♥

  3. Hi Susan. I’ll be participating in the Valentine Project. I also have included the project in my Joy List Monday post today. It fit in beautifully. Interesting how God works those things out. 🙂 Have a great week! Hugs, Nancy