How to have hanging ferns that are the envy of the neighborhood: Part 2

Hanging Ferns3

While walking “speechless” in the woods the other day, I came across some wild ferns–and was reminded that it’s time to show you the “after” of the ferns Renaissance Man hung on our old house porch last Spring. You know… back when I asked you if  your hanging ferns are the envy of the neighborhood.

Hanging Ferns2

Those of you with eagle eyes will notice that the ferns are hung differently in the above pics. That’s because their original position over several years was causing a problem that needed to be remedied…and it required painting the porch … and moving the ferns.


But “all’s well that ends well,” so the other day–before temps dropped into the 20s–I took a few After pics for you. Didn’t Renaissance Man do a nice job?

Hanging Ferns1

This is my favorite time of year on the porch … when the ferns are hanging lush, leaves swirl themselves into piles, and Old Glory catches the beautiful Autumn rays. Does it get any better?

Hanging Ferns4

Something about seeing Autumn leaves nestled in Spring ferns makes me smile…

Anybody know what I mean?

Hanging Ferns7

Here’s a peek at the back patio, too. Those swirling leaves and *colors* get me every time!

Hanging Ferns6

What about you? Did you plant ferns in hanging baskets last Spring?

If so, I hope you’ve enjoyed yours as much as we have ours!


Thanks for stopping by! I always love your visits. Love your comments, too, so I hope you’ll leave one and tell me your favorite thing about Autumn.

Hanging Ferns5

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  1. Hi, Susan! Love all the images! Pete Repeat: I MISS AUTUMN!

    Our family’s favorite thing about autumn was the final weekend of September. We prepared for it all summer: our family’s annual campout weekend! We packed the truck bed of the Blue Goose, my hubby’s little Toyota pick-up, with coolers, tents, sleeping bags and every kind of cooking paraphernalia we would need in the great outdoors– all kept in the dry en route under the camper shell. Our little girls and mini-pin Major was packed in there, too! Our family still talks about those family memories. “It’s the most wonderful time of the year!”

    Happy week!

  2. I used to have baskets and baskets of hanging ferns, but now only seem to have one – my patio is evolving and changing over the years. This particular last remaining basket has died off and been rejuvenated many times.
    You have a beautiful front porch and back patio.
    I am joining you through Mosaic Monday. Have a wonderful week.

  3. They are beautiful. Maybe I will try some on my porch next summer.

  4. A Garden of Threads says:

    The ferns look beautiful, lush and full. Enjoy your week. Jen

  5. No hanging ferns, but I have one on a stand in the house that delights my eye. Perhaps I should try putting it outdoors next summer.
    My favorite thing about autumn – cozy evenings with candles and tea and good books/sewing/conversation. A fire in the fireplace is the icing on the cake!

  6. Ferns are one of my favorite plants. Yours are just amazing.
    Over from Little Red House.

  7. After a summer on the porch I just emptied what’s left of my fern into my flower bed to become compost for next year’s spring garden. It’s that time of year here in Chicagoland. Yours are still beautiful!

  8. thank you for all your wonderful tips…. how spectacular do the after pics look of the ferns…. luscious green monsters that look like they’ve been a part of the home forever. LOVE IT!!!

    Thanks so much!