How to be Successful in the Real World: Practice & Patience

Life Lesson #15: Practice and Patience make a great team


Have you ever tried to learn a new skill only to become impatient and want to quit? Of course you have.  Me, too. Most new skills take both practice and patience–often a lot of both.


I am so thankful there were generations before us of patiently practiced seamstresses…and I’m reeaaally glad some of the fruits of their labor are still around to be enjoyed! I can only imagine how much practice and patience it took to learn all of these stitches…


Vintage tatting


I found this gorgeous piece a few years ago at a local estate auction–already framed and ready for its new home in my dining room. You may have noticed it sneaking into tablescapes like this one. (Today I’ve gone “black and white” so you can see the design better…and to reduce a little of the glare.



The family who passed along this beauty had received it many years before from a friend who told them, “I’ll give it to you if you promise not to stick it in a drawer.” They referred to it as the framed crochet piece. Funny thing is… Unless I’m mistaken, there’s not a single crochet stitch in the entire piece! (If someone with more expertise than me–and that won’t be too hard!–knows differently, please leave a comment and correct me. I’m always trying to learn more–practicing…)


lace stitches


When it comes to handwork–or learning about the various stitches–it takes lots of practice…and lots of patience…but the end result can be amazing!


Vintage crochet


What’s the last new skill you tackled? Have you been successful at it yet–or are you still practicing? Me? I’m still learning new things about WordPress since this blog found its new home…and I’m often reminding myself: Practice (and patience!) makes perfect. One can hope…


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  1. I can only imagine that type of skill and talent. This piece is exquisite.

  2. It looks like tatting to me but my mom makes one similar that is entirely crochet, macramé more precisely. I know how to create it too, it’s just that modern life leaves very little time for such time consuming work. I have everything she worked for me still displayed nicely on the top of the furniture, but indeed it’s a great idea to frame it.

    Enjoy your superb piece…