Are you a perfectionist … or perfectly imperfect?

Life Lesson #14: “Imperfect” is okay


They were imperfect when I bought them several years ago… A pair of antique French tambour lace curtains (circa 1900)–every stitch meticulously embroidered on fine net.

torn antique curtain


The repairs are on the bottom half of the panels. Every time I walk through the dining room into the kitchen, I’m reminded that sometimes “imperfect” is most definitely okay!



This green silk scarf? Yep. Imperfect… but it’s gorgeous in this tablescape.

green silk


And the very old wool runner in this tablescape? It has a few moth holes–but who can tell?



Perfectionism: It’s how I’m wired. That’s sometimes a curse. Working with vintage linens (and living in an old house) continually help me move away from the extremes and learn to accept and enjoy Life as it comes. I’m a work in progress. I’m imperfect.


I’m in good company…  Are you in it with me?


This is part of a 31-day series. All Life Lessons are available HERE.


  1. Oh, yes. I am so in with you. I was so in to creating perfect when I was younger, but over the years I have chilled. I still want to make things lovely for my family and friends, but I have learned to get my priorities in order.

    Susan, I love those curtains. Wow! They are a work of art!!!

  2. I am with you too.. There was a time when everything had to be perfect too, but as I am getting older, I would rather spend my time visiting and playing with my grandkids. . Good life lesson.

  3. I like “very good craftmanship” but am not at all a perfectionist. We’re human. We make things that look like a human made them. I love that.