BLOGGER, thanks for 3 great years … but now I’m headed to WordPress!

Looks like it’s a 2 heads-up weekend!
I gave you the first one in my last post.


Here’s #2:
After a year of dreaming, months of planning, and several weeks of working with a blog designer, My Place to Yours is finally starting to make the move to WordPress.


Today.  It’s really happening TODAY!


My designer will start transferring all of my posts to WordPress.  Then we’ll work to make sure the new site is functioning properly and “all prettied up” just the way I want it.  Hopefully everything will go smoothly and you won’t even miss me while you’re enjoying your long weekend!


My Place is getting a total makeover.  After you wouldn’t believe how many inspiration boards, this is the one I chose.  At some point I’ll give you a peek into the selection process … but today you get a peek at my new blog colors … and “feel.” I hope you find it soothing — with a touch of elegant whimsy.

Don’t worry.  There will be a lot of things very familiar to you wonderful long-time reader-friends.  It’s just time to “grow up” a bit.

No matter the look, I’ll always, always, send inspiration, encouragement,and challenge …from My Place to Yours!

Enjoy your weekend. I’ll see you soon!

So long, Blogger. Thanks for three great years!


  1. Wow! It’s lovely, Susan! Good job!


    • Susan Nowell says:

      Thanks, Kelley! There is so much “behind the scenes” stuff I wasn’t expecting to have to do that’s it taking MUCH longer than I’d thought … but I think I’m going to love my new site when it’s all done. I hope you readers do, too!

  2. There you are!! I love the new look of this blog and would dearly love to have something like it. This is beautiful.

  3. Wow…it looks wonderful…oh my!!!!