A Little Birdie Told Me …

It’s the first weekend of Spring …  Enjoy!
I’m joining Pink Saturday at How Sweet the Sound.


  1. It is supposed to be spring, but it got lost before it reached Texas.

  2. I happen to be sitting at my desk listening to the birds speak as I type. It’s a little cold here this morning, but I do believe your birdie is right and spring is in the air.

  3. Now I did hear birdsong this morning…perhaps it is true.

  4. There have been some birds singing from time to time. I’m not sure they are entirely convinced spring is here, however.:-) Have a good Saturday, Susan! xo Nellie

  5. We are having good soaking rains..so relaxing and refreshing…welcome spring and all you hold

  6. Happy Spring, to you, too!!! It sure doesn’t look or feel like Spring here, though! We have snow falling with about 10″ expected to accumulate overnight. We’ll struggle to get out of the 30s over the next few days. So the calendar may say it’s Spring, but Kansas City didn’t get the memo!