BUBBLE WRAP: Cheaper Than Therapy

I don’t remember being introduced to it, but I remember introducing my daughters … and Little Man.  I hope I’ll be there someday to see the look of surprise — then glee — on Little Sir’s face, too.

What is it about bubble wrap? I know of few things in life that can turn an otherwise (you pick) hectic/rotten/boring day into at least a few minutes of smiles and contentment; a distraction (and metamorphosis) of the very best sort!

Be honest.  Isn’t the bubble wrap sometimes waaaaay more exciting than the package’s contents?

Admit it.  Don’t you secretly enjoy hearing an occasional POP! escape from that shiny plastic?  Of course you do. Doesn’t everyone?

I wonder …  Do you prefer to squeeze or roll the bubbles to pop them?  I’m a squeezer. Well, since we’re being honest here … sometimes I’m a stepper.  Have you ever stepped on bubble wrap to pop it?  You should try it sometime!  Tip: The big bubbles are easier — and you don’t look so silly.  Be prepared to laugh … a lot!

By the way, you ARE up to speed on your Bubble Wrap Etiquette aren’t you?  No?  Let me help …

  • Don’t pop someone else’s bubble wrap without permission. This could lead to Bad Things Happening to your person.
  • Don’t pop bubble wrap in quiet public places (like libraries) unless you want it confiscated.
  • Don’t pop bubble wrap in a store if you haven’t paid for it. They get cranky when their rolls of bubble wrap are all limp.
  • It is always good form to offer to share your bubble wrap.
  • Giving your bubble wrap to children is good for Karma points.
  • Chicks dig bubble wrap. Always bring it along on a date.

Do you know that if you reeeaaally need to hear that SNAP! POP! but don’t have quick access to bubble wrap, there’s another option?   Yeah. It’s the next best thing.

Click the picture to play!

Are you wondering where in the world THIS post came from?  Simple.  It came from the party planning site Punchbowl.com  where “life is full of reasons to celebrate.”  And since today is the last Monday of January, let’s celebrate!

Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day

Yes, I know you want to mark your calendar for next year …
January 27, 2014

You’re welcome.

Do you have a favorite bubble wrap memory?  When’s the last time you had yourself a little bubble wrap therapy?

I’ll be linking this post to Metamorphosis Monday at Between Naps on the Porch.


  1. I am laughing sooooooooooo hard. You sure you weren’t in our house last week. We have a college graduate staying with us until his apartment is ready, he got in a car part wrapped in bubble wrap. I came through the hall as he was popping…I had had a hard day and he saw me crying…he turned and said, “hey you want to take out your frustrations?”…as he handed the bubble wrap to me.

    I just loved this post…I have to share it with him when he gets in from his job!!

    Great way to start my day!!!

  2. That is so fun!!!! Your bubble wrap tips are hilarious, and I love that computerized bubble wrap-popping game!!! Despite having given so much of it away, I still have tons of it left over from our ill-fated move a couple of years ago. It’s a great way to relieve a little stress!

    Have a great week and have fun poppin’!!!

  3. That is hysterical, Susan. I do like popping bubble wrap and the kiddos like stomping on it! Fun post- xo Diana

  4. How hilarious! I must be truthful and confess that I have never been much for popping the bubble wrap, though.

  5. Ha, great way to have a poppin’ good time!

  6. Well I brought the young man here to read…he was laughing and said, that is a good idea, virtual bubble wrap…so if you are ever on a plane and hear the pilot popping bubble wrap you will know it our guest…he just finished with a degree from OU as a pilot.

  7. I LOVE bubble wrap!!! In fact, there is a roll of it on my loveseat right now. Back in the late 70’s you could buy it in a box at the store. It was a ‘gag’ gift. Was marketed as a stress reliever. I haven’t talked to her since 2005. Guess it didn’t work.

  8. Only you would reach into something so obscure and pop up a post that just about everyone can relate to! I do love to pop the bubble wrap. I’ll even admit to a little bubble dancing now and then. I happen to have a roll of it in my storage closet, but I don’t want the man who bought it for its intended purpose to get cranky on me right in the middle of a kitchen makeover.

    Fun post, Susan. Thanks for making me smile.

  9. ha ha ha ha.. This is so much fun!! 🙂