Second Time’s a Charm … I hope!

Another Sally List project accomplished…
What’s a Sally List?  Read about it HERE.

I told you HERE that Renaissance Man and I had a date to spend Friday night at an auction.  I even invited you to tag along!  Well, as I begin this post, I’m sitting at the auction. I’ve been watching treasures that once graced my spaces now finding their new owners.  What an interesting peek into my emotions I’m getting!  At the moment, they’re selling rusty old tools, so it’s a good time to tune out the prattle of the auctioneer for a few minutes …

As I look around the room, I see items from my past spread before me. A mobile of three ducks that was on my wish list many Christmases ago when I had a country kitchen. (Thanks, Mom and Dad!  You know I loved it for years, but it’s time to pass it along.)  French four seasons watercolor engravings I thrifted thinking they’d hang in a guest bedroom … but they never did. Glassware … and dishes … and linens. Vintage Christmas.  A couple of pieces of Victorian “project” furniture. They turned out to be pricier projects than I’d envisioned, so I’ll just cut my losses and part with them.  I’ll part with all of it.

I see things from other people’s pasts … some I’ve enjoyed for years — others I bought to resell but never got around to it.  You know, it takes a lot of time (and storage space … and packing supplies) to run an online business from your home, and after awhile, I started to feel crowded.  It takes a lot of mental energy, too.  It probably doesn’t help that other stresses enter my home on a regular basis.  I’ve told you about them HERE … but I finally reached my limit and realized that as much as I love (yes, love!) buying dishes and linens at auction, I really don’t enjoy all the time it takes to clean and photograph … then list the items … then wait to see if they’re going to sell … then locate just the right box for shipping … then pack up the pretties … then haul them to the post office.
Quite honestly, it’s been more exhausting than exhilarating for awhile now, so enough’s enough — for the second time.

The second time?  ‘Fraid so.

I’ve never taken my inventory to auction before, but I once “dumped” some really fine inventory at Goodwill and never looked back … until a few years later when I realized that I really missed the thrill of auctions … and the challenge of rescuing long-forgotten textile treasures.  And so I started over.

Wait a sec.  I need to pay attention again …  They’re finished selling the tools and have started on the most fantastic old lanterns.  *Sigh*  No, I didn’t bid … even on the red one that just sold for $7.50 *BIG sigh*
So what now?  What happens when, before long, all of my business inventory is gone (except Restoration Linen Cleaner which I’ll continue to sell — because it works!) and some of my personal pretties have departed?  Will I feel lighter, more focused?  I’m not sure.
Actually, what I’m feeling right now as my belongings once again parade before me, is pleasantly surprised at how much some people are willing to pay for “that ol’ thing” while extremely disappointed that they don’t see the value in the next one … or ten.  Oh, how I wish some of you were here!  Tonight it’s all about happiness and heartache (too dramatic?).  Oh, well.  That’s a night at the auction.
So really.  What now?  I think I’ll start on the next “layer” of decluttering and downsizing.  There’s more I can get rid of … and plenty that needs to be organized.  Plenty.  But I’m making progress, and that feels really good.  Don’
I’m looking forward to getting my still-overflowing personal collection of linens organized.  There’s something so calming about spending time with the handwork of yesteryear … And I look forward to getting a few maintenance projects done on my old house (although I’m not looking forward to actually doing them).

I seem to recall some of them were on my to-do list last January … or was it the January before?

Seriously, I’ve been dragging my feet on those for a really long time!  I want to sort through the daughters’ childhood artwork and school papers and decide which things to keep and which to *gasp!* throw away.
I want to continue clearing the physical clutter so the mental clutter will improve, too.  Mostly, I want to be less tied to things … and spend more time on things that matter.
I want to figure out how the puzzle pieces of “me” all fit together.  What does a tablescape loving, old house living, husband traveling, blog writing, cookie dough eating, card sending, event planning, interior designing, Christian, orphan advocate grandmother really DO anyway?  Is there even a clear voice to be found in that hodgepodge?
If you’re still reading, why is that?  Are you a first-time visitor wondering what in the dickens this woman is yammering about?  Or are you someone who keeps coming back for more … more what?  Why do you come here?  Is it for the tablescapes?  Pretty linens?  Encouragement?  An occasional good idea?
Of the thousands upon thousands of blogs you could be reading right now, why this one?  I’d really like to know. Is there anything you find here at My Place to Yours that’s unique?  Anything in particular that you get when you come here … or keep hoping you’ll find?  I’m not looking for an ego boost.  I’m looking for honesty.  I’m looking for a few more puzzles pieces …I’m doing that early-50s assessment.  Some of you know exactly what I mean …
* * * * *


To all veterans and their families … thank you!
Happy Veteran’s Day

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  1. Oh I enjoyed this post; my questions are not exactly yours, but there is a similar theme running through our lives. You are decluttering, which I do a bit of. Sometimes I pray and ask “God, what do you want me to do?”, which is a great prayer, as I look for guidance. I like helping people so that is one aspect to follow.

  2. I really can relate! I love to find neat thrift treasures but I don’t sell them…I just collect! So I’m trying to figure out how to enjoy the hunt without getting too cluttered. I’ve been decluttering, too! I’m a little older than you….but I know just how you feel! Good post!

  3. I keep coming because I’m pretty sure that between the two of us we probably have one really good brain. 😉 Make mine chocolate chip cookie dough with pecans, please! Years ago, as an English teacher, I used to have students who would bring me a mayonnaise jar full of fresh cookie dough as my Christmas present. Still makes me giggle. I went back to revisit the post about the children of Brazil…I’ve shared that post with several groups, and it’s about time to do it again. I come back because I am always fond of the overcomers with whom I come into contact….that would be you. Flexibility, even if it has to be through gritted teeth ever so often…The willingness to step out in faith (remember the scene in the last Indiana Jones when they have to step out over the abyss, and the invisible bridge is there waiting for them?) Now officially rambling…somehow I know that’s okay with you. Thanks for trusting us with your journey. Cherry Kay

  4. So many of the things you write about ring true for me… I’ve spent the last five years collecting milk glass, bird prints, pressed flowers, silver gravy boats and all sorts of dishes, only to wake up and realize that I have these huge…well, collections! Also, furniture that I’ve been saving to reupholster or refinish… And several projects around the house that I’d love to have done but not really to do! All the while trying to start a portrait photography business. And yes, those questions that seem to come with your fifties… So good luck, from a kindred spirit, and thanks for sharing at MM! xoxo

  5. Susan, I come to your blog because I sense we are kindred spirits. We are at similar points in life — though I think I’m somewhat older — and your voice is familiar and encouraging, but also challenging to me. We share a love for many things, and I enjoy your writing style. I hope you’ll keep writing about all the things you love!

  6. Oh, Susan. I am so there with you. Why do I keep coming back? Because I sense a kindred spirit.♥

  7. I enjoy purging and organizing, so I can relate. Thanks for sharing.

    Happy Blue Monday, Susan.

  8. This is my first time to your blog. I enjoyed your “yammering” because I can relate. I went through this stage a few years ago myself. Needing to simplify my life and sort out all the responsibilities, get rid of “stuff”, and focus on what matters! I’m writing a short e-book on how I did it which I’ll offer free on my blog.
    I love those little white and blue cups!

    I don’t sell online and after reading everything you had to do, I’m glad I don’t! 😉 I think I made a good decision there. I actually have 1-2 occasional sales a year with a couple of friends and we’ve been wildly successful! It’s like a party and all of our families are involved in helping…kids and grandkids!

    Anyway, I enjoyed your post and I’m your newest follower!
    sandy 😉

  9. Oh goodness, you are so right dear Susan…you just made me evaluate some boxes I have with things “I used to love”! Such fun anyway. Thank you for your lovely and sweet visit. Big hugs,

  10. This is my first visit (via Mosaic Monday). But what I read, I liked. I’ve never been into collecting much (except fabric I intend to use one day – really!) And now in my 50s I don’t want more, AND I want my life to count for something. Weighty questions we ask ourselves, aren’t they?

  11. I think you might know why I am here. I come here because you speak my language. You’re honest about your heart and just put it out there, and you do it in such a way that I generally end up nodding my head as I read. For example, you shared the wrestling with the whole auction thing. I *got* that. I felt the internal drama so I didn’t think it was dramatic. I felt it was real. Hope that makes sense.

    I’ve often wondered what it is that people would prefer to read at my blog, too.
    I guess we are just that age where it’s all a puzzle and we’re ready to figure it out.

    (And OK, I DO love your tablescapes. I admit it. They are second to your words, though.)

  12. Nice finds.

    My first time to join Blue Monday. Please drop by when you can.

  13. Yes, This is my first time as well. I’m de-cluttering from my mom and dads estate. I have spent a full year going throw their home and sorting and it is not just stuff we grow up with. My mom was a collector too. I can remember everything in our house had a price tag on it with a description you see she had an antique store and when she would bring something home and I would complain becouse it had a price tag on it she would say she was just visiting with it. Which she did until she bought the next really beautiful item home and then the old treasure would be packed up and sent to the store. So any advice would be helpful. And yes, I’m your age and understood everything you said. So I hope I get to read more from you soon. And one more thing. I…love Dishes, Glassware and Linens. But I have to stop buying it too becouse I have two adult boys and only one is married and his wife doesn’t care for it at all. They make fun of me when I set a lovely table and the worse part of that is my daughter-in-law will not help me clean up my dishes and has told my son it is not her fault I used so many dishes and she was not going to help. Can you believe that? My dad however would love my tables and always commented on how pretty they were and how they reminded him of mom. So my dad is not here with me any more and know one really cares for my tables but me…… so you can see I really don’t need any of it……. SAD SAD SAD. However I’m still holding out my youngest son will find a wife that will enjoy my tables. That being said I’m going to hold on to my pretties for a little longer but I still have a lot I can part with. This is my first blogging experience…is their some kind of etiquette that I should keep my comments to so many words…..if so I guess I didn’t do so well my first time out…. So please let me know if this is the case and I will keep it short next time. PROMISE!

    • Welcome to Blogland! I tried to email you, but apparently the email linked to your blog is set to “no reply.” Perhaps you’ll stop back by here…

      I can hear the love for pretty things in your words, and I understand about the next generation sometimes not having the same appreciation. That’s disappointing, I know, but my response is to share the pretties with people TODAY rather than waiting to pass them along to a child/grandchild who may never want them. Why not invite some of your friends over for lunch and set your table with your pretties? Most women appreciate being treated to a beautiful table – especially if they don’t have to wash the dishes! I’m sure they’d love to be the recipients of your hospitality!

  14. Too funny! 1st time here, found your info on caring for vintage linens. Was thinking..I really love how this woman writes, was wondering if you were or ever had been a teacher. The articles are clear, the info is great, extremely engaging, but not too wordy…anyhow I ended up here, read this post -was laughing half way through because you touched on some of my quandaries/thoughts as a 50 “something” woman who loves, collects, repurposes, sells “things” old and new, always has several projects going, works full-time–etc..etc.

    Keep talking, we are listening and enjoying and learning-


    • Sue, welcome to My Place to Yours! I hope you will stop by often for encouragement, inspiration, and challenge. To answer your question about teaching… No, I am not a trained teacher, but I’ve been told many times that I’m a “natural” as a teacher. I have taught both children and adults as a volunteer at church, but nothing more. LOL My background is Interior Design (although I’ve spent much more time volunteering my services than charging for them), but it’s blogging that has provided the opportunity to take the many interests of “me” and attempt to make sense out of them. 🙂 You never know what you’ll find at My Place to Yours, so come prepared!