You’re Invited!

Hi, all! This is a quick invitation for all of you who live near me …
Remember when I told you about Displaying the Wares at a women’s luncheon last Spring? It was my first “big push” toward downsizing my overflowing shop inventory.

Then, a couple of months later, I shared pics from my big Porch Sale benefiting Hope Unlimited for Children … and told you that what was left over was headed to auction.

Well, the auction house has finally worked my huge stash of stuff into their sale schedule, and everything will find its new home FRIDAY NIGHT. I can’t tell you how nice it was to get those boxes out of my garage although I’ll admit to a few brief moments of wistful goodbyes.
If you live anywhere in East Tennessee and want something fun to do on Friday evening, why not grab a friend and head to River Bend Auction in Strawberry Plains?
My pretties will be sold along with an estate from nearby Corryton, and I expect there will be an interesting mix of merchandise changing hands!
Renaissance Man and I have a date to be in the audience watching the action …
I wonder what all that other estate has in it. Think I should get a bidder number … just in case?
Our troops fight … and die … to protect our right to vote. Please exercise it!


  1. I’d be there in a heartbeat if I lived anywhere near the area. And I crossed my Sally List this morning. 😉

  2. Oh how fun…blessings, blessings…yes been to the polls, now watching the returns

  3. Oh, what I would give right about now to live in East Tennessee!!! Good luck, and have fun with it!!!!!!!