CARING ON A SHOESTRING: Day 3 of 31 Days of Creative Caring

Creative caring is about stretching ourselves to think about how we care… not how much we spend.
Yesterday, I shared with you how God reminded me of a heart-shaped rock I had in my Valentine decor.  The perfect thing to send a friend who just received devastating health news.

Last night I remembered a vintage hankie with a little heart-like flower that I could use to wrap the rock.

This morning, in my stash, I found the perfect size box … and a simple notecard with a heart already stamped on it; a leftover from a daughter’s wedding.

I wrapped the package in a remnant of brown paper then covered the box again in a pretty piece of house-before-last shelf liner. Even the paper I’d trimmed off the card so it would fit the box was the perfect size for my address label!

All I had to do was buy $2.12 worth of stamps then send the package on its way with prayers … and gratitude that I was given a creative and “what’s on hand” answer to yesterday’s Just how am I going to show her I care? dilemma.

Sometimes we can care creatively by giving away “what’s on hand” that we no longer need.  Why is that so creative?  Because when we’re thinking creatively … intentionally … we’ve already been looking for someone who will be blessed by what we can share.
A young mother who recently moved encourages her 3-year-old to help unpack his toys and give the ones he “doesn’t love” to children who have none.
Another young mother gives “tons” of outgrown baby clothes to a co-worker’s daughter … someone she’s never met … just because she knows they’re needed.

What do you have that long ago served its purpose?

  • Rhinestone jewelry a teenager would love?
  • Books for a hospital waiting room?
  • Old magazines or cards for preschool craft projects?
  • Skinny jeans?

Can you teach the children in your life a lesson in caring… simply by giving something away?
How’s this for sharing “what’s on hand?”
Snap a pic and send it to someone to tell them you’re thinking of them … and I LOVE YOU.

This post is part of a 31-day series.  To read previous posts, go HERE.


  1. Excellent one, Susan! This past month or so, we’ve been doing serious deep cleaning around here. I have been moved to give away things and praying for God to show me the person who would be blessed by them.

    So far, it’s going well. I intend to continue it till all is gone. That being said, it continue to continue because there will ALWAYS be something to give away, right?

  2. Amen…and being creative is the best kind…so personal…thanks for getting my creative juices going. I am going to stay on a look out!

  3. Susan, you and your good heart warm my heart. Thank you for being the special person that you are.♥

  4. I recently simply said a text to a new friend who I knew was struggling and ask how she was. I was surprised when she replied then said, “thanks for asking, this meant the world to me.” Sometimes it is just asking a friend who is going through a struggle how they are that lightens their load. I thought to myself I must remember and do this more often!
    I ADORE your heart gift- this would be a life treasure for sure. And I love the challenge to share what you don’t need. We’ve had an over abundance of pears from our tree this year and it has been a blessing to share them with people who are going through hard times.