CARE PACKAGES: Day 21 of 31 Days of Creative Caring

Care packages…

There are lots of times when sending a care package is “just what the doctor ordered.”  Here is a sampling of some of those times … plus a link with suggestions for each one.
An online search will provide many more!
College student — during finals or anytime
Military deployment
New mother
Child’s surgery
Summer camp
(or student attending residential school)

Something to think about…

If you’re a “theme” person, you can really have a good time putting together a care package!  In fact, sometimes having a theme makes it easier to decide what to include.

Have you ever received (or sent) a care package?  Can you think of other occasions when a care package would be welcome?

This is part of a 31-day series. To read previous posts, go HERE.


  1. A very helpful list! Yes, I dearly remember the care packages I received while in college.

    Susan and Bentley

  2. I love giving (and receiving) care packages. We had a lot of fun doing the ones for college finals week. Now that there’s only one co ed left, we’ve almost reached the end of that run.

    My mother STILL sends care packages to my daughter in DC and my niece in Atlanta. She knows their favorite foods so they are about as custom made as a package can be. Mainly for them, she sends food for one and household stuff that they would otherwise have to buy. It really helps with those tight budgets. Plus, a box from Grandma always feels like love.

  3. Care packages are wonderful and for those of us who love creativity it can be a lot of fun to put them together.