I can’t decide if I want to be tranquil or artsy today … so I’m not going to choose!  Either way, all of these notecards that I’ll be linking to the Notecard Party at A Haven for Vee have two things in common:  they’re all in the same basic colors … and they all feature something reflective.

I actually did have this swan photograph made into notecards that I gave to my guests at last weekend’s Festival of Tables.  My table theme was Swan Song.  You can see my tablescape HEREBe sure to stop by Wednesday evening to see some of the others!)


If you love playing in the dishes like I do, you’ll understand why I selected this for a notecard.  If you don’t … you won’t.


The same may be true with this one.  I purchased this very heavy cut crystal bowl at auction many years ago …and I still love it!

There’s a lot of reflection going on in this pic, but do you know what it is?  It would be fun to let you guess … and then tell you later … but I’ll give you a hint in case you want to think about it for a minute:  This pic was taken in a cathedral in England in June 2003.


Did you figure it out?
Here’s the rest of the story …
Click pic to enlarge.

What are you reflecting on today?  Something on your mind you want to share?


  1. You are SO CLEVER! I love the idea of the glasses on the note-card. What a WONDERFUL invitation to a party that would make! Your pictures are SO PRETTY!!! Loved them all…

  2. All of the photos are lovely, but the tranquil feeling of the beautiful swan picture is my favourite.

  3. These photos would make the most delightful cards. Love them all.
    And, I do love this note party of Vee’s.

  4. How unique to have such a terrific theme. I love it! I enjoyed reading about the art work in the cathedral and I think your tablescape was amazing. I had to go check that out. The swan is my favorite of all…just so elegant…and you made that photo up. You must have been very pleased with the results.

  5. Lovely shots…very reflective! :0)

  6. What a fun theme and beautiful photos! Would never have guessed that last picture!

  7. Beautiful, beautiful photos,Susan. Great theme and that one of the swan is just amazing- xo Diana

  8. They are each one beautiful! I love the pose of the graceful swan!

  9. Great work here. I would never have guessed the last photo either. Like all the others I love the swan.
    This is indeed a fun party.

  10. They are all beautiful. I would love each of them in note cards.


  11. Excellent choices for your notecards. I especially like the stemware ~ those were the days. I’m heading over to the giveaway now (:

  12. Beautiful reflections! I think I’ll four of the swan please!

  13. Great theme for your note cards. My favorites — the stemware and the swan. Wonderful selections for Vee’s party.

  14. The stemware definitely spoke to me. Love it!!

  15. What a beautiful theme “swan song”. I love it! I checked out your table and it was so pretty!

  16. What a lovely picture of the swan. Indeed these pictures are notecard worthy! Cathy

  17. Well, I love dishes so I DO get it! I was about to say something about using it for an invitation when I saw that Donna had already said it.

    Clearly, you and I are drawn to so many of the same things.

  18. So beautiful, Sign me up for a set of cards. I couldn’t quite figure out the details of the font but I did guess what it was used for when you said it was in a cathedral.
    Beautiful, Ginger

  19. Love it all! But I must say…I love the one with the stem ware a lot! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  20. Greetings from Ireland.

    Lovely photos.

    Visiting from Vee’s Note Card Party.

    Have a good week

    ~ Fiona

  21. Just looking at the swan makes me feel peaceful!

  22. They are all lovely photos, but I love the swan! The bowl very beautiful, too!

  23. These are very nice pics, Susan. The first two are my very favorites. Did you take the swan photograph in England, too?

    Thanks for sharing and have a great evening.