Happy Tuesday!  Can you believe it’s already time for another Notecard Party at A Haven for Vee?  The guidelines are to choose four pics that have already been shared here at My Place … so that’s just what I did.  This month, I’ve chosen the theme HANDMADE. 

I think these might make nice individual notecards, but I don’t think I’d put them together in a set.  See what you think …

Click HERE to read The Carpenter and the Staircase – Loretto Chapel (Santa Fe, NM)



Click HERE to read A Stitch (Back) in Time Saved:  Treasure in a Trunk



Click HERE to read A Tray of Tranquility – My Time in a Brazilian Prison



Click HERE to read How to Have Personalized Glassware Without the High Price


Do you appreciate things that are handmade? Do you like to make things by hand?

Do you think there’s still hope … or have we already lost too many “handmade” skills?


  1. I love anything handmade but I do think it’s a dying art. People are just too busy and it does take time. The notecard party is a fun idea!

  2. I LOVE Santa Fe NM! I would love to travel there this Fall. I would choose a set of those notecards. I’m going to read your post! Hugs!

  3. I do enjoy handmade gifts, these are so pretty, and would make great notecards.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. What beautiful photos! I love the first shot especially.

  5. I love handmade items if they are well done. I remember the 80’s when someone would do poorly done cutouts and call them folk art–lol. These are all beautiful photos here, Susan. I especially love the second one with the embroidery and the writing-the items look great together- xo Diana

  6. Love handmade things. Your pictures would make a great collection of note cards – a nice variety! : )

  7. Your theme is great as a set. Read the post about your aunt…fascinating! Her penmanship is so beautiful, too. The feather stitches make me want to get busy on a crazy quilt patch.

  8. An interesting set of note cards. I think we are losing many of the handmade skills, hopefully they will become popular again.

  9. Of course I had to go to your link to see the post about the stitching and handwriting. It reminds me of the handwriting we had to learn when we started cursive in 2nd grade (armed with our new fountain pens). It’s called the Palmer method, and I did pretty good with it but of course I’ve gotten lazy over the years. What a project she did! And what a find for you! A nice collection of cards regarding hand made things. I need to come back to follow the other links!

  10. What a great collection, certainly inspiring. Love the carpenter and the staircase story.

  11. These are beautiful! I like these handmade beauties, especially the trays. Yes, I do appreciate things that are handmade and I think these skills which were lost are also making a return.

  12. Very pretty!


  13. Handmade is a great theme! I really like the photo with the multi-colored plates – so graphic! I love handmade items and collect a great deal of different kinds of artwork. Of course, I create some too for my own amusement and for gifts. I think most folks appreciate artisan creations.

  14. Well. I was typing and my comment disappeared. We’ll try it again.

    I love handmade things and I think there’s a resurgence of interest among the younger generation. I think it’s a backlash against technology. I really like the photo with the plates – such detail.

  15. Great selection. Homemade is a great theme. I love homemade things and am spending some time now making hot pads for Halloween. Loved this series — good idea!

  16. Yes, I love things that are homemade. They are my favorites of all. I think any one of these would be a beautiful note card. What’s more, I’m pretty sure I remember every single post they came from. I know I remember the first two and the last one. I’m going to click to the third one just to see it. I assume it is from one of your Brazil trips.
    How beautiful are those plates?!?

  17. I love hand made items, and will spend a little extra for that factor. I love the Rosary beads in the first photo. And I especially love the story. I feel that younger folks sometimes don’t have any appreciation for hand made things. I would love note cards from these photos. xo

  18. Great idea for Note Cards..and yes I do love things that are handmade, they are the best.

  19. Very nice. I really like the glasses!

  20. Great choices for note cards … my absolute favorite is your first one! Wow!