A Tray of Tranquility

Hello all!  I hope your week is going well.  At My Place, Renaissance Man and I are still busy preparing the exhibit for this space I told you about HERE


But since I’ll probably be busy working on it until the day I die of the event, I’m taking a little sanity break to write this post … and saying a big thank you that we have a couple of other people working as hard as we are!  Projects like this take everyone, don’t they?If I could do what I reeeaally feel like doing right now, I’d pull out this tray …


and some pretty dishes …



Then I’d pick some dahlias from the garden …


… and add the current Southern Lady magazine that just came in the mail …

… and disappear into this room for awhile. Yes, of course, I’d include food, too! I’m not really an “eat in the bedroom” person, but today it just seems like it would be the calmest, quietest place to be …

Hmmm … my last post was about de-stressing, too. Are we seeing a pattern here?  I guess we all just have to figure out when to give 200% and when to take a break. Today, I’m giving 100% and thinking about taking a lonnnng break. A very long break …


How about you?  If you could plan a long break — without any budgetary constraints — what would you do?  Would you take a trip, decorate your house, go back to school, read a long novel?  Would you make plans by yourself, with a friend, or take along the family?


Think about it … then leave a comment and tell us!


If you’d like to know the back story of my mosaic tray, keep reading…


I bought the tray on a recent trip to The Big House in Brazil.  You can read about my visit HERE.  The tray was made by prisoners (known there as “recuperees”) who are serving their time in the most secure section of the guardless prison.

Most of the men’s crimes are easily traced to involvement with drugs. In order to help them in their rehab, it’s important to keep them busy … and working with mosaics is one way to do that.

Even the table they’re working on has a mosaic top!  The men were all very proud of their work, as well they should be. Believe it or not, I would have loved to join them for a little craft session.

They’d have made really good teachers …

… don’t you think?

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 Thanks for stopping by today. I hope you’ll come again. You’re always welcome at My Place to Yours!


  1. I love mosaic, that tray is stunning. You have been going full speed ahead, Susan, you need some “me time”! xo
    P.S. Can we order pieces from the Big House (or through you? 🙂 )

  2. Hi, Barbara! Although I do know that the prison facility does sell the pieces at “shows,” I have no idea how you would go about connecting with them. Sorry. If you see a design you like, maybe you can make a DIY knock-off. It’ll be a lot less expensive than shipping a heavy mosaic piece from S. America!

  3. Thanks for visiting my place, Susan, because it got me right to yours, for a surprise reprieve! Believe me, I was “there.” What a lovely setting you created. I’m still new enough to blogging to be so amazed by what all the talented people think to post! This was a mini-oasis today! Lovely. Thank you! I love the black and white, and I love knowing about these gorgeous tables!

  4. Susan those mosaics are fabulous!! What detail!! I love your tray — black transferware really gets my attention — enjoy your destressing 🙂


  5. love your setting! just beautiful with your tray!

  6. Susan many blessings to you .. that is an amazing project with the mosaics.

    You have the perfect setting to retreat for an afternoon of peace and relaxation!! Tea and a magazine, what more does one need.. ok maybe some food. Thanks for sharing this with us. Hmm. to answer your question If budget was no object … I would plan an escape to island ~ where pampering was it’s statement; nature and ocean .. peace … I would take some friends and see if some one from the women’s shelter could also come.

    Wishing you a blessed week..xoHHL

  7. The mosaics are spectacular. I’m so proud for those men. If I could take a looooong break, I would hightail it back to Sorrento and the Bellevue Syrene with Sweet Mister. I would stroll the streets and shops of Sorento, spend hours in that amazing linen store, eat well, and sleep late and often…and make another drive along the Amalfi Coast with a stop at the pottery factory…and since it’s unlimited budget, I’d spend some time ordering one of their magnificent tables for the back porch. Hmmm….I feel less stressed already. Cherry Kay

  8. Oh Susan, those mosiacs are just gorgeous! I have told many people about the “recuperees” and the self-guarded halfway house. I loved that.

    I also love your tray and would want to escape to a bedroom with it.

    Hmmmm…. What would I do for an extended rest WITH NO BUDGET limitations? I think I would head to the mountains where I could rest and read and do Bible study and maybe write some.

  9. I have 5 kids and I need that kind of breakfast in bed! That was amazing! Come see a Ruby Bridges tablescape!

  10. The mosaics are beautiful, Susan, and I do think those men would have made great teachers. I love the word used, “recuperees.” It goes so well with the rest of your post. You should name your tray that. 😉 It is simply gorgeous, and the black and white setting divine.

    A long break for me now seldomly involves travel even when I have the choice. I no longer find rest in it, not simple enough. I much prefer quiet, as quiet and simple as can be, maybe sitting by the ocean with my journal and a good book. I have the beach 20 minutes away and it’s such a blessing but when I cannot make it to the beach, just quiet, simply uninterrupted quiet is what I crave, especially when I quiet my soul enough to hear His voice. Talk about recuperating.

    Love stopping by on Thursdays. Becoming one of my faves. 😉
    Much love,

  11. Gosh, that mosiac tray is amazing and I loved looking at the artists creating 🙂 – I would love to just dive into those lovely bed linens and de-stress with the lovely treats on your tray. I wonder if I just keep staring at that picture, I could lower my blood pressure? Wonderful – and have fun!

  12. Beautiful tray…love the black and white setting.

  13. Hi, Susan! Wow….the laws in Brazil are much different than here. I don’t think they would have let us that close to the population here…especially with a camera in tow! I think it is wonderful how you took the time to give credit where it’s due and showcase the recuperees at work (even though you couldn’t or wouldn’t show their faces). Hats off to you! It is apparent they take pride in their work. Perhaps if we had more of this kind of rehabilatory stuff going on in our U.S. prisons rather than basically just teaching them to be better criminals….don’t get me started! Your bedroom is beautiful! I love the high wainscoting!!! Your headboard is beautiful, too, and I love the bedspread! The tray you created is perfect for bedroom dining! Thank you again for stopping by my place, and have a wonderful weekend!

  14. This is amazing. Really interesting.

    How I wish my bedroom is a cozy as yours.

    Happy TS…

    Greetings from Stockholm,

  15. How beautiful all those mosaics are! They’re very talented.

  16. What an interesting post about using mosaics to help with rehab! An excellent idea and they do amazing work!

  17. Pinktastic! This is what I love about Saturdays, you get to see so many delicious and gentle pink all around the blogging world. Thanks for sharing yours!

    My PINK is here, please come and visit when you get a chance. Have a nice weekend!

  18. Your work is outstanding! The space your outfitting will make it even more so.