My Kind of Playtime: Playing in the Dishes!

Thank you for stopping by today!
I hope my fellow Americans had a wonderful 4th of July celebration —
and that my international friends are having a fantastic week!
Me?  I spent the long weekend crazy-busy preparing for my Vintage Linen & Dish Auction “one-year-of-blogging” celebration to be held right here at My Place to Yours.
It’s only two weeks away!  But can you believe it?  The entire holiday weekend spent inside at the computer while the rest of America was grilling and watching fireworks. Only for you, blog friends … only for you! I hope you’re making plans to join us.
But today… It’s just too dark and rainy at My Place to do justice to the tablescape I’d hoped to do today.  (Renaissance Man’s flowers are gor.geous — and I really wanted to share them with you!)  But if you didn’t overload on red, white, and blue, you can take a peek HERE at the quick patriotic table I did for Met Monday.
Or, you can take a little trip with me to Georgia where I recently went to see Little Man and his parents. (Yes, I’ve included a tablescape – sorta.)  As hoped, they’re beginning to make adjustments after they moved. In fact, he had no problem telling Poppa exactly where he wanted to go … every morning.


This fantastic park is just a short wagon ride away from his house at Ft. Benning. Lucky Little Man!


After naptime it was back outside – again – in the hot Georgia heat. Whew! But who cares about heat when you’re chasing after bubbles!

Finally — back in the house — it was my kind of playtime. Playing in the dishes!

I once told you about the very BEST tablescape ever. (You can see it HERE.) It still is… but for lots of different reasons, this one is a really close second!

I know you’ll be gracious and overlook a little blurriness today.  Less-than-ideal lighting and a “whirling dervish” of a boy were playing fits with my camera!


Check it out … Not a single cup on a saucer! Maybe he’ll learn that trick next month — when he turns 2.


He loves playing tea party, though! See the little red lid on the tea pot?

Little Man insisted on removing it every time before pouring tea. Wonder what that’s all about?


Weee!  Are we having fun yet? Oh, yes we are!


Do you have a little someone you like to play “tea party” with — or a favorite “little tea party” memory?  I hope you’ll leave a comment and share your story. We’d all love to hear it!

Thanks for indulging me and letting me share the second best tablescape ever!  The rain has now cleared, and I’ll see if I can do a pretty tablescape for you — for next week.
Today, I’m linking to the 150th Tablescape Thursday at Between Naps on the Porch.


  1. I’m curious to see the aucion. And oh, I love your tablescape.

    – The Tablescaper

  2. now that’s my kinda tea party 😀
    what a cute post 😀

  3. So cute! I love the monkeys and the tin! It reminds me of Curious George! I will have to go check out this auction, sounds interesting! You sure do have an adorable grandson!

  4. What a cute set of dishes! Monkeys are a favorite around here. Looking forward to your big auction.

  5. What an awesome tea party. The guest is of special importance. I know you had a beautiful time. Thanks for sharing this “Little Man”.

  6. Darling dishes. Maybe he takes the lid out because it falls out when he pours? I had to show my grands the trick about turning theirs so it stays put.. Looks like a good time was had by all. Many blessings, Marlis

  7. Marlis, that’s what I first thought, but his is “boy-proof” — and clicks down tight. He actually had to pull really hard to get it off. Who knows?!!! Thanks for stopping by tonight.

  8. Super cute! Thanks for your comment! Looking forward to your auction!

  9. Hi Susan,
    I’m so glad you stopped by to say hi! I remember seeing “restoration” on your blog, but couldn’t remember your blog name!! Do you know if it gets the yellowing out of pillowcases? You know, the kind of yellowing in the center?

    Love the pictures of Little Man!! How cute is he!?! Very cute tea service set, too.
    Patricia :o)

    Ps: wish we’d get some rain around here!

  10. What a cute post! The little one is so adorable! Love the beautiful tea service. Thank for sharing:)
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  11. Hi Susan! I’m a Susan too and live in a cottage slightly newer than yours, mine is now 98 years old and is located in Idaho. Your little man is adorable and the play dishes are too. I am your newest follower and hope that you will stop by for a visit sometime soon.

    Susan and Bentley

  12. Hi Susan! I just love those sweet photos and the tea party set! My husband’s step-mom brought her own teacups and saucers cross-country (by car, mind you) so she could share a tea party with each of her 6 granddaughters in 3 separate states. All the cups and saucers were different and during tea she told the girls about the Lord and His love for all of them. It was quite memorable.

  13. Oh, Mindi, what a wonderful legacy! I’m so glad you shared this story!

  14. Love your little man in his hat — Adorable! Monkey tea parties must be great fun.

  15. You’re going to have years of fun with this precious baby boy….but you’d probably better take advantage of the tea parties before he learns about T-ball. Thank you for sharing your delightful day. Cherry Kay

  16. Saw you at The Picket Fence and am now your newest follower. 🙂