I’m Inspired! Look where I find my inspiration …

I’m sometimes asked where I get my ideas; for tablescapes, blog topics, you name it. That question always “throws” me, because I’m not sure I can think of any places where I DON’T get ideas.


Magazines and books are full of inspiration. Topics from design to daily living, poetry to prose, laughter to tragedy: they all inspire me to feel — and for me, feelings are translated into colors and textures and patterns.


Nature itself is so full of color and movement and rhythm that I can’t imagine not being inspired by it. Colors and shapes I might never have conceived putting together co-exist beautifully in nature.


Art and architecture often inspire me. Simple or elaborate; each has something to offer.



Then there are always music and people when I’m looking for inspiration. Sometimes they show up at the same time!

Finally, believe it or not, I’m often inspired by trial and error. Sometimes I have a very clear view of a finished tablescape or project before I ever start it. Often, however, I only know the “feel” that I want to communicate … and I add and subtract elements … colors, textures, etc … until (hopefully) I achieve my goal. Sometimes I hit a home run; sometimes I wish for a little more “umph” that I just wasn’t able to find. You want a little transparency? I’ll show you my least favorite tablescape. It’s okay, but it didn’t feel like a home run.

Click to see entire tablescape.


Things that have inspired me recently


This simple piece of artwork I found at Goodwill…

… inspired my new logo.



These plates…


… inspired this tablescape.

Click to see entire tablescape.


This crystal in the china cabinet…

… inspired my debut tablescape.

Click to see entire tablescape.


This pink rose candle … inspired encouragement

Click to see inspirational poem.


… and this tablescape.

Click to see entire tablescape.


I’ll show you one final source of inspiration. See this lamp? It was left in our old house when we bought it. The colors were perfect for my study, but the original shade didn’t look like this. It needed something.

You probably think this finished product was inspired by the gorgeous beaded trim, don’t you?

Well, it wasn’t. It was inspired by the need to cover this tear in the old silk shade…

See what I mean? Inspiration can come from anywhere. Go look for it!

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  1. What a great post, Susan! Enjoyed every word and picture. You’re right. Inspiration comes from unlikely places at times. The trick is to go through life with your eyes open and looking for the mysteries.


    Sheila 🙂

  2. Hi Susan, what fun inspiration ideas. I SO love your header. I’d like it for my own.

  3. I love this post! I understand it all … one never knows where inspiration will come. I enjoyed your photos –the vibrancy of rich color in the nature photo; the architecture pics (I love doors and windows–did you know there is a whole blog dedicated to that?) and, maybe most of all, the underneath shot of the crystal. Fabulous! Enjoy your snow days! Nothing like a snow day, a gift of unexpected time, to bring some quiet moments and fun puttering.

  4. Right you are! Inspiration is always right before our eyes, as long as we’re receptive to it 🙂

  5. Susan,
    I love this post! I’m going to read it over and over to help me develop new ways of looking at everything in the world! What great ideas! Thank you for being so generous with your talents!