DEPEND: Five Minute Friday

Autumn is my favorite season; October my favorite month.


I can feel my spirit taking a deep breath of hope as cooler temperatures are expected here over the weekend.


The weekend.

Aaaaaah . . . I’m glad it’s Friday—and time for another Five Minute Friday free writing exercise. They stretch me! Try it sometime . . .





My spirit depends on the changing of seasons.


I need the cyclic nature that pulls me forward.


The Autumn season that reminds me of beauty, even in dead leaves.


Life isn’t all springtime and new birth.


But in other areas of my life, I’m very independent. I don’t like depending on others, although (lucky for me) my Renaissance Man and I complement each other pretty well. Where my skills fall short, he lifts me up — and vice versa.


I’m in a season of depending on others.


  • Doctors to answer questions about family health issues (thankfully resolving very well!)


  • Builders to assess feasibility of my Finally Farmhouse wishes. (Still in a holding pattern.)


  • Professionals to determine the future of a beloved organization. (Meeting as I write this.)


So much at the mercy of others . . .


Although I’ve been in such situations before—and been disappointed—I am confident that the One on whom I depend is faithful.


In today’s case, others are depending on Him, too.


That gives me confidence.




Questions to self:

Who —or what — am I depending on at this season of my life? Who — or what — is depending on me?

Am I dependable?



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  1. The changing of seasons is so important to me too. I love your line that life isn’t all springtime and new birth. Such a good reminder. Praying for all the other things. Depending on others is so hard. Visiting from FMF

  2. I’ve always found the changing of seasons comforting. Because no matter how bad the winter (or in this case the heat of summer) may be, you know that change is inevitable. I’ve starting feeling this way about my life as well. When my children or husband are going through a difficult time, I remind myself that it’s often just a symptom of the changing of the seasons and it won’t last forever. Thanks for list lovely remind through FMF.

  3. I agree, depending on others can be hard. It is so important to remember that ultimately we depend on God and we can trust him to be completely faithful.

  4. Great post, Susan, and I hope all works out well. Praying for you.

    I’ve come to realize that I have to depend on God…but on myself, as well, to take up the help that He offers in days that are becoming dark indeed.

    #1 at FMF this week.