TRY: Five Minute Friday

Friday again? So soon? Yep, the weekend is here again . . . and it’s time for another 5-minute, free-writing exercise to share at Five Minute Friday.


This one challenged me.





What’s tugging on your heart today? What are you thinking you should —could—do but aren’t doing? What’s the next step you could take in your faith journey but are hesitant?


What are you afraid of?


Taking a trip to a third-world country?
Rocking a terminally ill baby?
Fostering a child?


Leading a Bible Study?
Singing a solo?


Touching a homeless person?
Talking to a homeless person?
Sharing a meal with someone who’s truly hungry?


Are you stuck in your comfort zone, wanting out — but afraid?


Go ahead… TRY


Try scared. Obey afraid.


Which voice will you listen to? The voice of fear — or the Voice that says, “I am with you always.” The One that assures you are enough with His help.


Try believing that God is with you in your fear.


Try trusting that your obedience is the key.




What’s tugging on your heart today? What are you going to do about it?


Share in a comment. I promise—we’ll pray for you!


  1. Susan, I’d love to try to be more confidently me as God made me. Loved stopping by today. I’m your neighbor at #FMF.

  2. Hello, I’m #36 at this week’s linkup. I’m trying to tackle my messes. I agree…obedience is the key to making a difference.

  3. This is a beautiful post, Susan.

    For me, someone who doesn’t mix well with people due to severe PTSD (combat trauma), it’s always been about dogs. Every stray dog that crosses my path has a home.

    Some of them are emotionally and physically messed up, so I still, even with terminal illness, sleep in the kennel with them, to hold them when they wake from scary nightmares.

    And they do the same for me.

  4. Good thoughts, Thanks for sharing.