Field Trip Friday #3: Historic Franklin, Tennessee

Field Trip Friday-001


If you love old houses AND proudly salute the stars and stripes, then you’re going to love today’s field trip!


Franklin Flags - 10


We’re headed to Franklin, Tennessee (just south of Nashville) to check out the historic homes of Hincheyville—Franklin’s first subdivision. Perhaps another day we’ll take a different walking tour. There are some great ones to choose from!




Placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1982, the Hincheyville neighborhood is comprised mostly of single-family homes built between 1828 and 1935. A  wide variety of building styles are represented featuring frame construction as well as brick and stone… and lots of amazing architectural details!


Ready to step back in time?  Here we go!


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Aren’t these old houses well maintained? You old house owners know that’s no small feat!


What’s your favorite old house building material?

Clapboard? Brick? Stone?


Do you have a favorite period style?

Federal? Greek Revival? Victorian? Italiante? Queen Anne? Eastlake? Four Square? Bungalow? Tudor?  You can find them ALL in Hincheyville!



Franklin Flags - 4


Happy Independence Day, my friends!


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  1. Beautiful homes! Hope you were able to stop at Dotson’s.:-) They have been known in the past for their biscuits, but it has been awhile since we’ve been to the Franklin area to investigate.:-)

  2. Enjoyed catching up today, Susan. Thank you for stopping by this week.
    BEAUTIFUL homes.
    Don’t really have a favorite period style, but building material would have to be clapboard for me. I envision our beach cottage with it.

    Happy 4th of July.

  3. Truly, I love them all. And, the sight of our flag flying proudly always warms my heart.♥