Mailbox surprise

It was an unexpected surprise. An unexpected blessing.


I opened the mailbox to see a large brown paper envelope with a Colorado return address.


Inside was love.


Painted in Waterlogue

A young teacher friend had shared the story of our girls in Brazil with her 5th grade class. The students were fascinated that children their age could live on the streets without parents – and eager to create Valentines for Hope’s girls. Some even looked up Portuguese phrases online.


Then, in her note, my young friend said, “thank you for giving us this small way of serving/loving others – and introducing my kids to real needs”.


Yeah, this gal’s a keeper! Aren’t her students lucky? Obviously her Mama and Daddy did a good job of raising her.


A small way to serve and love… but one that has a huge impact.


This teacher took time during her school day to look beyond herself – and help her students do the same. She could have said there wasn’t time; that she had more book knowledge to impart rather than letting her students cut out hearts and draw Cupid.


But she didn’t.


Thank you to those of you who have already sent Valentines for the girls of Hope Unlimited for Children. If you haven’t, it’s not too late! Brazil’s Valentine’s Day isn’t until Summer, so you have until April 1 to get yours in the mail.


It’s a small way to serve and love … but one that has a huge impact.


Valentine project

See how easy it is?

  1. Make or purchase a Valentine card
  2. Include a note of encouragement – or just your signature
  3. Send it to: Valentine Project, Hope Unlimited for Children, PO Box 100, Jefferson City, TN 37760


Click on the LOVE to read more about this year’s Valentine Project.

Check out the stories on my sidebar.


Your Valentine may be just the thing a young girl needs to know she’s loved!


When’s the last time you found a surprise in the mailbox?

What was it?

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  1. Such an incredible gift of beauty and love. Susan, you are good to share this opportunity to share love and growth.

  2. Just a thought. You could share this for Pink Saturday. I feel certain many participants would like to share.

  3. Hi
    I seen you were first in the line up for Pink Saturday
    just thought I would say hi


  4. Very neat surprise and very pretty featured photo too. No, the teacher didn’t have to do that – but aren’t you glad she did? A friend of mine works with her children to visit nursing homes and make cards, etc. She instills in them so much awareness of others, it’s really neat.
    I’d love to nose about your blog/website a bit but I’m trying to get a few visits in on Pink Saturday and I’m about out of energy – hopefully I’ll get back another day. Anyway, thank you for sharing and Happy Pink Saturday! Jenn

  5. So special….
    Happy Pink.