Stars: A Christmas Theme

Stars is a quick-and-easy theme because there are lots of ways to interpret it – and lots of stars available! (Peppermint was another super-easy theme in this series.)


If you want your projects to be time-consuming, they certainly can be… but it’s absolutely not necessary.  Whew!


Gingerbread stars

Just be sure to sprinkle a little stardust all around…

Whimsy Stars

Stars are one of those shapes that provides visual rhythm while still being “simple”.  I love that!

Does that make sense to anyone besides me?

Xmas starsSources:  Cookies, wreath, ornament


It’s not hard to find sparkly, glitter-laden stars … and rustic, grapevine-entwined stars … and everything in between.


What kind of “star party” would you like to have?


It would never do for me to suggest a Star theme at Christmas without mentioning *the* star. You know the one…



In their honor, let’s do a Royalty theme tomorrow – and maybe the next day. I can’t decide whether to go with gold or purple. I might just do both!  If you want to get new posts delivered via email, be sure to sign up. That way, you’ll know what I decided almost as soon as I do!


I hope you’re enjoying this Themes of Christmas series. If you missed any of the themes, they’re all available HERE.


By the way… The “finger” star in the second collage is a creative gift to you from some of our girls at Hope Unlimited for Children. Please remember them and other orphans like them who need what you have to offer.  Your end-of-year, tax deductible contributions make a huge difference in their lives. All contributions must be postmarked or received online no later than midnight on December 31 to receive 2013 tax credit.


  1. I have loved this series, Susan. And, I do like theme decor concepts. You are always so good to share the joy in your heart