Brazen Roses

bra·zen /ˈbrāzən/

Bold and without shame

When I looked up to see my sweet husband walking toward me with these gorgeous roses, all I could think was WOW, that is the boldest, most fantastic deep orange rose I have ever seen in my entire life. The pictures don’t begin to do justice.  It was his way of saying “thank you” for my help on a little cross-country project we’ve been working on.

I had to enjoy them fast, though, because I was headed out of town in a couple of days.  I had some playing … and “seeing circles … in my future.  What a treat it was to spend time with both of my daughters and two sweet little boys!

But before I left home, there was no way I was going to pass up a chance to use those beautiful roses in a tablescape.  You couldn’t have either, could you?

Orange is not one of my usual “go-to” colors for tablescaping, so I don’t have a lot of dishes that work well with it.  But who cares?  It only takes one … and I decided Noritake’s Bluedawn with its hint of deep orange was the perfect choice.

What do you think?

Bluedawn is typical of many older patterns, and the dinner plate is smaller than more modern ones, so I used my Mikasa Italian Countryside with its “scrolly” embossed edge as a charger.

Then I added more layers of texture …

Even a shadow managed to sneak in a little visual texture …

The roses were Renaissance Man’s “thank you,” but the tablescape is mine … to you.  Thank you for stopping by.  I always enjoy sharing time here with you!

When’s the last time you were surprised by a “thank you  … or surprised someone else?  I hope you’ll leave a comment and tell us.

Something to ponder …

One of the most tragic things I know about human nature is that all of us tend to put off living. We are all dreaming of some magical rose garden over the horizon instead of enjoying the roses that are blooming outside our windows today.
–Dale Carnegie
Let’s get out there and live … bold and without shame … smelling a few roses along the way!
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  1. Absolutely gorgeous roses, Susan! It sounds like you have had a good time with your lovely family.

    I received a much-appreciated devotional book on Monday as a “thank you” for giving the program for the meeting of one of our church Circles. I was really surprised!

    Blessings to you!

  2. Well, when I think of BRAZEN I think of HUSSY…lol….but that is sure one beautiful set of brazen beauties there. I love them and how wonderful that your hubby brought them for you. I hope you have a wonderful time away, too- xo Diana

  3. What a sweet and thoughtful gift from your hubby! I love the message you’ve share along with your pretty tablescape.

  4. The Bluedawn is the perfect playmate for those glorious roses. So glad that you grabbed a moment to share them with us. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Have a great trip! Cherry Kay

  5. Gorgeous roses!! Beautiful on your table.. The choice of plates was right on. Love the bobbin lace runner. So pretty. It all came together so well. xo marlis

  6. Good hubby! Those are fabulous roses! And your table compliments the beautifully!

  7. Your table did these beautiful, beautiful roses justice, Susan. It’s a beautiful table, and a beautiful gesture on his part–great combo! ~Zuni

  8. Your roses are deliciously brazen, as you mention and a great focal point for your table.

  9. Thank you for welcoming me to your lovely table. Your beautiful floral gifts were shared so willingly with me. Where we are, we just can’t get these gorgeous specimens. It was a breath of fresh air.

    What a joy to have had your young’ns about you. God is so very good!

    Blessings, dear,

  10. Oh how I LOVE this post! I love the inspiration roses in a big, BOLD, way, and I think the table is just beautiful. I love the way you used the Italian Countryside plates (which are h-uge, aren’t they?) for a charger. I love other layers and the way you spread the pedals on the runner.

    Mostly, I love what you said and the quote at the end. You are so right. Stop dreaming and start going boldly where you haven’t gone before. (Sorry, Star Trek producers, your grammar was wrong so I had to fix it.)

    And last, can I say that I wish plates were the size they used to be? I think that whole plate size thing is part of our national fat butt problem.

  11. Can I comment twice to say how much I always enjoy your posts? Really. I just plain do.

  12. Beautiful choice of plates to compliment those gorgeous roses. I am not sure that I could have thought about setting a table, if my husband had showed up with those – I would have been swooning too much – lol! You did a beautiful job, though, pulling it all together and I am so glad that we got to see them.

  13. That’s the way to do it!!!! Just pull out an obscure color from the dishes and run with it!!! It turned out great!!!!!! How sweet of your husband to bring you those gorgeous roses! Their bold and “brazen” color helped to balance out the pastels in your china without being off-putting. I like how you extended the color by tossing a few of the petals down the center. Very pretty! Glad you got to spend some quality time with the children!

  14. I love these “brazen” roses! So unusual and so pretty with the lovely china you chose for this table. I’m going to remember the petal-scattering idea!

  15. What gorgeous roses! I was shopping today and noticed a lot of orange and coral in the Spring clothes! So beautiful for Spring! Enjoy!

  16. PS I love the quote by Dale C., too! Perfect!

  17. What a special guy you’ve got there!! Extra hugs & kisses were in order for that thoughtful gesture. The roses are GORGEOUS & I think your choice of china to use with them was just perfect. Beautiful table & how nice you got to spend some time with your sweet grands.

  18. Beautiful table…Noritake has some of the most beautiful vintage patterns. Gorgeous roses!

  19. Enjoy your visit with the little boys…I meet my grandson for the first time tomorrow and I can’t wait
    Your table is beautiful…but the quote at the end just hit me right in the heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. What a thoughtful hubby. The roses are gorgeous and so is your table set with your beautiful dishes.

  21. Everything is so beautiful!

  22. I love the Noritake China. My wedding china is Noritake Heather. 42 yrs old, so I guess it is vintage! The roses are fabulous!
    Thanks for linking to Let’s Dish!