Flag-waving from Mackinac Island

Wherever you are, I hope you’re having a wonderful week!


As I write this post, Renaissance Man and I are enroute to Indiana for a family friend’s weekend wedding. How I absolutely LOVE having a hot spot on the phone so I can link up and be online while traveling! I shared the wedding inspiration boards … and the tablescape they inspired … with you HERE.


Since we were headed north from Tennessee anyway, we decided to take a couple of days’ vacation and head even further north … to the much-desired-but-never-before-visited destination of Mackinac Island, Michigan.


To save a little cha-ching, we actually stayed on the mainland at St. Ignace … just across Lake Huron … at the Colonial House Inn.


A quick walk across the street to the ferry landing …


… and we were off to Mackinac Island.
Oh, how this gal prefers the spray (and scent) of fresh water to salt water.  What a treat!


The day was absolutely gorgeous, and we were happy to leave the record-breaking temperatures behind in Tennessee.  The high on the island was in the mid-70s.  Yeah, I know …


Before long at all, I was able to zoom in on two of the “stars” of Mackinac Island:  The Grand Hotel …


… and Fort Mackinac.


Have you noticed that every picture I’ve showed you so far includes the American flag?  Yes, even the ferry pic.  Look closely.  My country isn’t perfect, but I’m proud to be an American … and I’m a flag waver.  Pride in country is important, don’t you think?


Mackinac Island was doing some flag waving of its own this Fourth of July week.  I got my first clue at the ferry landing …


And our private carriage tour only confirmed it.  I highly recommend the private tour, by the way.  It was the first thing we did, and it gave us a great overview of things to see and do while on the island.



From quaint streets …


to quaint neighborhoods …


… the Stars and Stripes waved proudly.





Like a magnet, the beautiful red, white, and blue drew me in …


… and I let it.




Along with Mackinac Island residents, I celebrated publicly the freedom to worship …


… and privately the freedom I experience because of the birth, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.


So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.  John 8:36


Of course, no trip to Mackinac Island is complete without a close-up of this beauty …


I’ll give you a little tour of the inside another day, but today we’re flag waving from the legendary 660 foot long porch of the Grand Hotel …


… and enjoying the time-honored tradition of red geraniums …


… and the most spectacular view.  Yes, for just a few minutes, we “sat a spell” … and rocked.


But eventually it was time to wave goodbye to other Old Glory-bedecked vessels …


… and return to the mainland.


Happy Fourth of July, fellow Americans!
Be safe. Be thankful.

I hope you’ll click HERE to read Renaissance Man’s 4th of July post:  Flag-waving, but not forgetting…


  1. What beautiful photographs! This is on my ‘bucket list!’ Thanks for sharing and Happy 4th to you!

  2. Oh, lucky you! Visiting Mackinac Island is on my list of places to visit. Your photos are gorgeous and almost make me feel as if I’ve been there, too! Have a great rest-of-your-trip!

  3. Oh Susan, I do so want to visit this wonderful island. Your photos are beautiful. I too, am a proud American, and wave my flag proudly. My immigrant grandparents embraced this country too, and learned the language and customs. God bless America! xo

  4. Oh, this is on my bucket list! One day, I hope, I’ll get to visit! What a beautiful place and you took some amazing snaps! The Grand Hotel looks so beautiful. I’ve priced how much it cost to stay there – WOW~
    Happy 4th of July and be a sweetie,
    Sehlai 😉

  5. Susan, We LOVE Mackinac but I really like it in off-season. I am glad you took the tour because it is so informative. What a treat that weather is though!!! xo Diana

  6. This is one of the places I have on my bucket list!! Your pictures are magnificent. I want #1 husband to see this and understand WHY I want to visit Mackinac Island!
    Thanks for sharing your vacation with us!
    Gmama Jane

  7. So NOW I see the attraction of Mackinac Island!!! My Mom went several years ago (“and all I got was a lousy T-shirt”!), and she was enamored from the start. What a beautiful area!!! You did a great job of capturing all the flags. I had to really stare down the ferry to find it…kinda like “Where’s Waldo?”! 🙂 And the temps…just to get away from this insufferable heat would be worth the $$$!!! Enjoy your time away, have fun at the wedding, and have a safe trip back!

  8. OK, just kind of picture me, sitting at the computer right now all scrinched up like a kid in a candy store. You have taken me vicariously to one of the places that I MOST want to visit in the whole world. It looks just wonderful and practically perfect in every way.

    I think I need to start seriously saving for a trip there and stop, as they say, “having a wishbone where my backbone ought to be.”

    And I agree about the individual source of our freedom, too. Beautifully said.

  9. I live on Mackinac Island year-round and I am so glad to read that you had a nice visit. Now you need to come back in the winter! Do you cross country ski?