Mackinac Island Mystery Door

Today I’m joining Mary at Little Red House for Thursday’s Inspiration: White

I first saw this door last summer while visiting Mackinac Island … but I chuckled all over again the other day when choosing pics of doors for The Doors of Our Lives. I assume there are four apartments behind it.  I would have probably just put 201-204 … but Someone was number-happy!  I wonder why Someone decided to center the numbers based on the old transom rather than the new door. I also wonder if the smaller old door was replaced because it was rotted?  Required by new building/ADA codes?  On a whim?  Do you wonder things like that, too?

I don’t know the answers, but today this WHITE door has inspired me to look closely.  To pay attention to what’s right before my eyes.  That’s always a good thing, don’t you think?

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  1. That certainly is an interesting and intriguing doorway. They had to squish up the numbers to get them all on.

  2. I think the 4 numbers clarify it for the simple minded who might wonder what 201-204 means. Well, the simple minded might be confused 🙂
    I recall a vacation on Mackinac Island with my parents and sister, when I was a child. Anyplace with horses is a plus for me.

  3. They fit in all those numbers well. Fun door. They should have used the Ramsign numbers.

  4. Interesting mystery. Valerie

  5. That is just quirky enough to intrigue me. I love stuff like that.

    (And I just read and responded to my email!!!! Yippie!!!!!

  6. I live on Mackinac Island year-round, and believe it or not we just got street address a couple years ago when we got 911 service. The city passed an ordinance requiring addresses (all of them) to be posted on buildings.

    • Liz, you live in such an amazing part of our country — but then, I suppose you already know that. Thank you for the peek behind the Mackinac Island Mystery Door! Now we know why all of the numbers are posted. If only we knew what happened to the original, narrower door…

      I hope you will have a great rest of the week — and piece of fudge for me! Thanks for stopping by today.