Flag Waving by a Disenchanted American

Today is Flag Day – and the Fourth of July is right around the corner… but I’ve been having a hard time lately feeling very “proud to be an American”.


Blessed, yes… but proud?


With news cycles full of

  • a humanitarian crisis of children
  • a POW/deserter (huh?)
  • a(nother) school shooting
  • misspent sacrifices in Iraq

… it’s easy to get overwhelmed. It’s easy to forget about

  • a disappeared airliners’ draining effect on family members
  • hundreds of kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls
  • children in our neighborhoods living in “the system”
  • 153 million orphans
  • and so much more


Are you “proud to be an American” but finding yourself frustrated by today’s America?

Do you need a reminder of the good and godly foundation upon which our country was built?


eBook Flag Waving cover-001Me, too – and so I wrote this MADE IN AMERICA digital e-book for both of us. It’s a compilation of some of the patriotic posts I’ve shared here with you through the years… and a few more.


40+ pages of


*  original flag-waving photographs
*  tablescape inspiration
*  quick-and-easy recipes
*  inspirational stories and tributes


Money raised from the sale of this eBook will go to Safe Families for Children to provide respite for families in stress in my community. We’ve got to start somewhere – and besides, we Americans shouldn’t just count our blessings… we’ve got to share them!

Just click the image to purchase for $4.99 from my Etsy shop.

Click – pay – instant download…  Read it on your computer.  ENJOY!


Have you ever written an e-boook – or thought about it?

What’s your subject?