A morning surprise in the mailbox

There it was when I opened my email this morning…


Thank you for your site.
Very sweet, encouraging, & interesting!


Words of encouragement from someone I don’t even know.


Welcome words of encouragement.


She didn’t know I’d gone to bed last night feeling discouraged because I haven’t been here with you since March! She didn’t know how much I’ve missed my time to write and tablescape and take photos. She had no idea.


But for some reason, she took the time to click on my contact button and write a few words of appreciation and encouragement.


I’ve already hit “reply” and thanked her… but I’ll thank her here, too.


Thank you, Pamela—wherever you are.


On yet another crazy-busy day at My Place, it was a nice reminder that words of encouragement—however few—are always welcome. A reminder that we don’t know what’s going on in the hearts and minds of people around us. A reminder that a smile or a quick word of encouragement is always appropriate—and welcome.


I really do hope to spend more time with you soon. I have so much to share with you! But until then—as I’m about to walk out the door to a meeting with architects on THIS project . . .


I hope whatever burdens you carry today will soon become lighter.


I hope your joys will be shared with others.


I hope your travel is safe and your commitments fulfilled.


I hope you have a wonderful day!


… and I hope you take a minute to encourage someone else with a smile, a card, a phone call—or an email to a blogger you don’t even know.


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  1. wow….this is the first post I have received from you in a couple of years! I thought you stopped blogging completely. Glad. system decided to slip this one through! A little strange, but you popped into my thoughts recently. Also Debbie, from Words on Wheels. I really do miss the old blogging days. I myself post so intermittently, it is sad.

    • It’s nice to hear from you, Barbara! I took some time today to dig in the “behind the scenes” of my email sender, and I found your (and several other) email address in the “bounce” file. Not sure what all of that means, but I removed them and tried again. Obviously they’ve been there since way back when. Oh, my… It’s hard to stay up with all the technology!

      I, too, miss Debbie! She was a wonderful spark in Blogland, wasn’t she?

      I just looked at your Mother’s Day post. I always love seeing old family pics! Have a great rest of your weekend. I hope you’re doing well!