Gingerbread Houses at the Historic Grove Arcade – Asheville, NC

Do you like leftovers? I sure hope so, because this is a post of “leftover” photos I never got to show you last Christmas! It features entries in the 2013 National Gingerbread House Competition hosted in cooperation with Asheville’s beloved Grove Park Inn.


Can you believe I’ve never made a gingerbread house?

I’m afraid if I ever do, it will become my NEWEST new obsession!


But I do love them—and some of you do, too!—so I’ll give you a peek… and some great ideas. (I know you won’t mind overlooking the camera phone quality—and pics taken through glass cases.)


The Historic Grove Arcade was decked out for the holidays.


Grove Arcade Gingerbread13.Grove Arcade Gingerbreade13.IMG_3772

Such beautiful architecture!

Grove Arcade Gingerbread04.Grove Arcade Gingerbreade04.IMG_3754


Gingerbread houses were everywhere!

I’ll just shush and let you look…

Grove Arcade Gingerbread12.Grove Arcade Gingerbreade12.IMG_3769 Grove Arcade Gingerbread11.Grove Arcade Gingerbreade11.IMG_3768 Grove Arcade Gingerbread10.Grove Arcade Gingerbreade10.IMG_3762 Grove Arcade Gingerbread15.Grove Arcade Gingerbreade15.gingerbread collage Grove Arcade Gingerbread14.Grove Arcade Gingerbreade14.IMG_3774 Grove Arcade Gingerbread09.Grove Arcade Gingerbreade09.IMG_3761 Grove Arcade Gingerbread08.Grove Arcade Gingerbreade08.IMG_3760 Grove Arcade Gingerbread07.Grove Arcade Gingerbreade07.IMG_3759 Grove Arcade Gingerbread06.Grove Arcade Gingerbreade06.IMG_3758 Grove Arcade Gingerbread02.Grove Arcade Gingerbreade02.IMG_3752 Grove Arcade Gingerbread01.Grove Arcade Gingerbreade01.IMG_3749 Grove Arcade Gingerbread05.Grove Arcade Gingerbreade05.IMG_3756


Have you ever made a gingerbread house?

Did you find a new favorite idea in any of these?

Grove Arcade Gingerbread03.Grove Arcade Gingerbreade03.IMG_3753


If you plan to be in the Asheville, NC area during the holidays, you can see the 2014 entries in person through New Years Day.


In the meantime, I hope this holiday season is filled with love, joy—and generosity.

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  1. I love gingerbread houses and these are so much fun. We do one every year…well the kids do and I tie my hands behind my back, so as not to tell them how to do it. I would love to make one for myself and enjoy the whole process…for now, the kids do. Benjamin has already asked about this years gingerbread house and I am sure Joshua will join us.
    Merry Christmas!!!


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