Veterans: Stewards of Freedom

Yesterday, as I sat in church, my thoughts were on stewardship. For several weeks we’d been discussing what it means to return to God a portion of what is already His anyway. To be good stewards of the gifts with which He’s so lavishly blessed us.


In the service were two veterans of WWII. The local Quilts of Valor group presented the gentlemen with handmade expressions of appreciation for their service to our country. Please forgive the poor picture quality, but when I realized the moment was about to pass without anyone taking a picture, the phone camera just had to be okay!

Veterans Day

(L-R) John Kerber and Charles “Pat” Patton. A third WWII veteran, Kenneth Winslow, was unable to attend; his quilt will be presented privately.


This presentation followed a “children’s moment” that spoke of these two men being stewards of our freedom.



One who conducts, supervises, or manages something; especially :  the careful and responsible management of something entrusted to one’s care


After the quilts were presented, the children shook hands with each man and said, “thank you.” I realize the youngest in the group did not truly understand the significance of the moment—or of their thanks—but to visually experience the linking of age and youth, past and future, commitment and hope put a lump in my throat.


For one of the gentlemen, it was the first time he’d ever been publicly recognized for his service. Ever.

I wonder how many other of our WWII veterans would say the same thing?


Regardless of your personal feelings about war and its realities, the men and women who have served as stewards of our freedom during times of both war and peace deserve our appreciation. They deserve our respect.


What else do you think they deserve? Please leave a comment and finish this sentence:


Our veterans deserve ________________________.


Thank you to all veterans for your stewardship, commitment, and sacrifice.

Thank you to your families for their faithful, often unseen, strength and bravery.


Happy Veterans Day to each of you!



  1. What a beautiful moment. There’s something so touching about seeing young people acknowledge these elderly heroes like that. Thank you for capturing this for us Susan!