Saving Lives At The Picket Fence


Sometimes the Encouragers need to be encouraged…

I had just said those words to God yesterday when I received an email from Vanessa, one of the two sister-bloggers over At The Picket Fence.

. . . Recently we were contacted by Balsam Hill about an amazing ‘Christmas in July’ charity campaign. We were asked if we would be willing to choose a charity that is close to our hearts and have Balsam Hill set up a page where they would match the donations up to $1,000. Readers who donate certain amounts also get the opportunity to receive beautiful Balsam Hill ornaments as a thank you.
Our post will go live tomorrow morning and we wanted to know if you would be able to let the representatives from Hope Unlimited know that we have chosen them as our charity. 🙂
Here’s a link to the page that has been set up for donations:
We truly pray that this shines a light on the amazing work being done by Hope Unlimited!
Blessings to you,


Picket Fence fundraiser-001

I was definitely encouraged!

You see, way back in December 2012, Heather and Vanessa (along with some of you) became charter members of the Thrive Team. Every month, they send $35 to Hope Unlimited for Children to help transform the lives of some of our world’s most desperate kids.
Why? Because they know:

“The children of Hope receive every tool they need to thrive: education, family, home, recreation, friends, role models, and spiritual formation. Hope.”

They also know: 100% of their investment goes to help the kids!
Every month, they receive an update with a letter from one of the children whose life they are impacting. They get to see (almost) firsthand that they aren’t wasting their money. Just think… For the cost of a single fast-food meal for the family, they are giving LIFE to a child!
So now that God has grown their blog to a point where they get to collaborate with super-cool corporations like Balsam Hill, they are using the platform wisely. I am so proud of them! Of all the types of charities they could have chosen, they selected one that actually strives to make an eternal difference in our world. If you visit here often (or read my About page), you know why Hope Unlimited is near to my heart.


So why was I really encouraged?

  • Two donors know they aren’t wasting their money – and they encourage YOU to join them on the Thrive Team!
  • The Christmas in July fundraiser comes at a very “lean” time in Hope’s budget year.
  • Heather and Vanessa’s generosity shares the “Hope story” with more people.
  • At The Picket Fence sets a great example for the rest of us.
  • You’re invited to participate!


For a donation of $5, you get a chance to win an entire ornament set.

For a donation of $25, you’ll receive an ornament from Balsam Hill.

For a donation of any amount (with or without an ornament), you’ll give HOPE to a child!


My Place to Yours readers, let’s head on over to the picket fence and join the party! Between now and Aug. 2, there’s ZERO reason we can’t help ensure Balsam Hill gets to match $1,000 worth of life-transforming donations…


Who’s “all in”?