#RiskRejection: LOVE holds the key

Three days ago, on a cold, East Tennessee morning, I packed my bags and left home; Valentine by my side. He had work to do in the Midwest. I was searching for answers.


We traveled through the snow-dusted roads…


…and the waterfall-laden cliffs of Kentucky.


As we entered the heavily snow-covered farmland of Indiana, I was once again grateful for my iPad – allowing me to capture moments otherwise lost in years gone by. Thanks, Renaissance Man (and Apple)!


See what I mean? Gorgeous small-town architecture…


… and functional farms.


So brutally cold this year… Christmas decorations still visible everywhere.


We’ve seen 20-below-zero temperatures, gray skies, and sunshine. We’ve seen snow flurries and snow blowing. We’ve seen four-foot-high snow banks… and six-foot-long icicles.


Renaissance Man worked – and I spent lots of time praying and continuing to explore options for my “what next?” Where will I choose to go for my next broken heart?


My research led me to the frozen shores of Chicago’s Lake Michigan.


Isn’t it beautiful?


I’ve spent the past few weeks walking a path God put me on many years ago. When I came to a fork in the road, the Windy City held some of the information I needed to make a choice.


I spent yesterday afternoon meeting with an amazing organization begun in Chicago a decade ago. I received the clarity for which I prayed.


With my Love still by my side, supporting and encouraging me in my decision, I retraced my path back to the peaceful farmland of northern Indiana.


After many years of questioning, frustration, and prayer, the path is becoming clear. I’ve made my choice. There is still much unknown – and surely a blend of joy and heartache ahead – but I am at peace. I am grateful for those of you who have prayed for me. I need a little time to get my thoughts together before I share my journey of exploration with you and tell you where it led, but I’ll do that soon.


Today, I’m praying for YOU. Praying you’ll risk rejection and move beyond yourself into a new challenge. A new adventure God has prepared for you… because He loves you.


Only when we truly love others are we obedient… showing God how much we love Him.

We Love Because

Click on the verse above to see an easy way to spread a little love on this Valentine’s Day – and transform a young girl’s life while you’re at it!



  1. Susan, I have chill bumps thinking about your adventure. Still praying for you.