Time’s A-Ticking… Good or Bad?

Life Lesson #26: Use time wisely


clock dish towel


Time… Best friend–or worse enemy. Depends on how I use it.

clock towel


If I’m not careful, Time has a way of flying right by me. How did we get to late October already?

Calendar towel


Isn’t it nice on the rare occasion when you can just while away the day–without a care in the world?

Cat calendar towel


Every day… 24 hours… Use them wisely!

Sunday Stroll


Have a great weekend!  Make it count…


I’m attending the Board meeting of Hope Unlimited for Children. Sure would appreciate your prayers…  What about you?  Any special plans?

Saturday Sunday


The calendar towels are available at Loondance: Every Cupboard Tells a Story on Etsy.  Cindy would be happy for you to check out her new shop!  The others were provided by Kerry at KerryCan on Etsy. Thank you–again–Kerry!


31 Days 2013-001This is part of a 31-day series. All Life Lessons available HERE.


  1. You’re welcome, Susan–it’s fun seeing them here!

  2. Thank you so much Susan for using the calendar towels in your post! I hope it helps them find a happy home soon :–)