Cure Discovered for Restless Hearts

Life Lesson #29: There’s a cure for a restless heart


It’s an uncomfortable feeling when a heart is restless. When fear or uncertainty…grief or anger…disappointment or disobedience overwhelm the heart, the body loses. So does the mind.


The daily routine becomes cluttered and unclear. Ugliness and distress crowd the path.


If only there were a cure for the brokenness…


Thou hast made us for Thyself, O Lord; and our heart is restless until it rests in Thee.

~St. Augustine


My heart gets restless when I’m too busy for God. When prayer is an afterthought and quiet times of listening to God through his Word are neglected. When my focus is “me” and not Him.


St. Augustine lived from 354 to 430. There have been a lot of restless men and women since then. Seems like we’re slow learners…


Perhaps we humans need reminders–visual reminders–encouraging us to focus on the Important.


Through the  years, vintage linens have provided such reminder.


In the kitchen…

Kitchen prayer

Calendar towel available HERE


In the nursery…

Nursery prayer

Available HERE


Around the house…

I'll be restoring this beauty very soon!

I’ll be restoring this beauty very soon!


I’ll never forget the awe I felt years ago when I pulled this vintage crocheted Lord’s Prayer out of an auction box…or my sadness when I realized it had never been displayed. How could anyone spend so much time (prayerful time, perhaps?) making this beautiful piece and never display it?


Yet I, too, stored it away out of sight.  At the time, the cost of properly framing such a large piece (26″ x 48″) was a challenge, and since I didn’t have “the perfect place” for its display, I put it away for “someday.” I’m afraid that happens to a lot of vintage linens…

Lords prayer


Perhaps it’s time to look at this beauty with fresh eyes. Decide how to frame it–and where to hang it–so it will be seen often…and I’ll be reminded that there’s a cure for my sometimes-restless heart. That’s not a lesson to learn “someday.”  Life is too short…and there’s too much at stake.


Let’s be the generation to learn the lesson. Let’s go to the Source of Rest when the days of heart restlessness come…because they will.


Because we can.


Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.

~Jesus as quoted in Matthew 11:28

Do you have a “visual reminder” at your house? What does it say? If not, what would it say–if you could choose anything?

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  1. We all need to share the way we restore our souls in testament.

  2. Awesome reminder…I have been so off schedule and need to slow down to refuel my heart. Thanks…you just poured some of that on me through this truth and scripture.