KEEP ‘EM GUESSING: Day 7 of 31 Days of Creative Caring


Sometimes it’s a nice idea to do things for people without them knowing who did it. To “keep ’em guessing” … and to remove any potential for them to feel uncomfortable about their circumstances.

I’m talking about caring for people anonymously.



Job loss? Medical bills? Gas-guzzlinguess1g car? Why not send a gift card (VISA, AmEx, etc.) or money order? I prefer the “all purpose” gift cards, rather than ones linked to a specific store, because it allows people to have choice. Just send it without a note enclosed or a return address on the envelope. All they need to know is that someone thought of them … and cared enough to act.




You can also try a slightly different version of gifting anonymously…



Is there someone you see on a regular basis who always seems to have a smile and do a good job … but who you know is working for low wages? Someone perhaps like the always-pleasant young woman at McDonald’s who takes your Sausage Biscuit order at the drive-through several mornings a week? She doesn’t know your name (and you don’t know hers), but she recognizes your voice … and knows your order before you even say the words. Why not give her a “thank you” gift card the next time you see her? It would make her day … and encourage her.



Or, if you want to do soguess3mething “spur of the moment…” The next time you find yourself at a drive-through window, tell the person taking your money that you’ll pay for the order of the person behind you as well. By the time they get to the window to pay, you’ve already driven away. Keep ’em guessing…





Finally, why not stop by your local utility company and pay the bill of someone you know who’s guess4struggling financially? Just tell them you want to pay anonymously.


Can you think of other ways to “keep ’em guessing?” Have you ever been on the receiving end of an anonymous gift?

Please leave a comment and tell us!


This post is part of a 31-day series. To read previous posts, go HERE.


  1. Oh Susan…this is a favorite thing to do. Keep them guessing is right! Wouldn’t you love to be a mouse in their pocket to see their reaction and surprise. You know it’s gotta be a surprise…I know it has been for me a time or two. I love this Pay It Forward Creating Caring!!!!

    I also wanted to let you know that I am discontinuing the 31 Days Series. I have plenty of collections to share and will continue to do so, but will not link to the List of Participants or The Nesting Place as quite a few of the Participants Links set off my Virus Alarm which were caught in my Virus Protection System. I guess that is what happens when a BlogHop is not monitored. I participated in one before that was quite large and there were hosts for every 100 participants to check for just this problem and to see that the Blog Hop was not abused.

    Anyway, I’m keeping up with you and have added you as always on my Blog Friends List. Hope you’ll keep visiting CITexas Gal.

  2. I think you hit them all! One year my husband was unemployed and I received a gift card on my desk in the health room at the school card where I worked for a grocery store. It was such a blessing, and I am still not sure who gave it to me! On world news tonight they are doing a series on the new poor in this country. It was really heartbreaking to see. We have been there from time to time, and yet this latest downturn we are thriving financially. We have been blessed that is for sure and should pass the blessing on.