Fabulous Fudge!

I love fudge, but I don’t eat it very often.  Growing up, my Mom and Sister and I sometimes called it “pudge” because too much of that delicious dessert can make you pudgy, don’t you know.

I made up for it last week while on vacation because Mackinac Island LOVES its fudge.  In fact, Mackinac Island is quite famous for its fudge.  So, of course, when I was on the island, I was lovin’ me some fudge, too!  Every shop lets you taste little bites before you buy so you can choose your favorite flavors … but even I couldn’t imagine visiting all of these fudgeries.  Hmmm…  I don’t think fudgery is ever used as a noun; it is now.

I asked Austin, our horse-drawn carriage tour guide, what the best fudge is.  He told us.  He also told us that he is a year-round island resident and graduated from high school in May … along with three other young men.  Yep.  In 2012, Mackinac Island had a graduating class of 4.  He’s headed off-island in August to start college with plans to study construction management.  Such a nice young man.  He looks like Adam Sandler, doesn’t he?

Oh … his favorite fudge?  Joann’s
She isn’t his mama.  I asked.

We’d already tried one other fudgery (I won’t tell you which one), and it was good … but Austin was right.  Joann’s was reeaallly good.
Renaissance Man and I stood and watched the fudge-making process for a long time; partly because it was a cool, indoor location, but mostly because it was fascinating.  These two guys admitted to occasionally getting sick of fudge.  I can believe it.  Depending on the day, they make between 5 and 20 huge recipes of fudge.  Each batch of fudge makes a 30-pound block … and takes approximately an hour from start to finish.


Here’s a “lake of fudge” poured over a mound of peanut butter.  Step 2 in the making of Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge.  Yum!

I discovered a new favorite:
Double Dark Sea Salt Caramel

What flavor would you like to taste?
Leave a comment and tell me!


Tip from the fudgery:
Joann’s fudge will stay creamy for up to two weeks.
If you want to keep it longer …

Two weeks … and longer?  Seriously?  Is that possible?  It wouldn’t last two days around me!

It also wouldn’t last two days in this heatwave many of us are having.  Please do your best to stay cool … and stop by again soon. You’re always welcome … at My Place to Yours!

To read more about our visit to Mackinac Island, go HERE and HERE.


  1. Susan, chocolate for me, with walnuts! Sounds like you had a wonderful time. Horse drawn carriage tour sounds good. xo

  2. Oh my…would it ship successfully, I wonder? Sounds like you vacation was a real sweet treat. Cherry Kay

  3. Double Dark Cherry Walnut sounds positively wonderful!:) Can’t have any of it here.:)

  4. Put up your hands… This is a stick up! Hand over the
    — peanut butter fudge
    — chocolate fudge with pecans
    — white chocolate fudge with macadamia nuts
    and no one will get hurt.

  5. Seriously? You had to tempt me with this post? Really! We love Mackinack, too. We used to go during the lilac festival but I haven’t been in several years. I am glad you had such a good time- xo Diana

  6. oh yum! I have to choose??? Your trip pictures are beautiful too!!

  7. I would choose the German Chocolate, I think. I might try the penuche, but I just don’t see how even JoAnn’s fudge could hold a candle to Mae’s penuche. That’s my grandmother. Her penuche was the best on the planet.

    My other grandmother made some awesome chocolate fudge and even tried to teach me to make it with her before she died. I just realized that I haven’t made it in years.

    When I get to M.I., I’m probably going to lose the Farm Sister in the fudgeries.