1.  Work on writing project – making good progress
2.  Tablescape – pics and post  DONE
3.  “If It’s Paper” theme: choose items, take pics (started)
4.  Pay bills
5.  Send cards/notes to several people
6.  Catch up laundry after having company – making progress
7.  Work on Valentine Dinner plans for Samaritan House

This was my to-do list for last week, but I didn’t finish it. (Debbie, you must be having a negative influence on me!  Anybody else read the “list” post at Words On Wheels?)
The truth is, I felt more like Janette who went to the doctor (five years late) and got all sorts of hassle from the nurse about not showing up sooner. So she’s not a sickly person. Good for her.  Don’t get me started on that nurse’s attitude!

When Saturday morning’s scratchy throat progressed to Thursday’s full-blown sinus infection (complete with laryngitis), I knew I had to do something.   Ha!  Poor Renaissance Man was out of town and missed all of the peace and quiet.  I could only wonder if I would have the same experience as Janette.  I, who am rarely ever sick and hadn’t seen a doctor for a sick visit in years.  I, whose focus had turned from wishing away the persistent signs of illness to the one who was thinking “If it’s paper” I hope it has a prescription written on it!  So much for marking that item off the list this week!

Guess what?  When I checked in, miserable to the bone, the doctor’s receptionist noticed the date of my last visit and had the nerve to say, “Oh. You must be one of those who doesn’t like to come to the doctor.”  One of THOSE?  Yes, she did.  DUH!  Who does like to go to the doctor?  Thinking of Janette, and knowing I was not alone in experiencing this world of sometimes-tactless healthcare “professionals,” I took a deep breath and slowly, with all the eloquence of a manly frog, croaked, “Noooooo, I’m one of those who rarely needs to go to the doctor.”  Then she popped off something like “lucky you” … and then said she needed to take my picture.  You have GOT to be kidding, right?

Finally, doctor visit behind me and medicine in hand, I went home and did nothing … for the rest of the day.  Nothing.
Energy?  What energy?

I wish I could tell you that the major writing project I’ve managed to make progress on the past couple of days (between cat naps) is something really exciting involving tablescaping with Southern Lady or vintage linens with Victoria, but it’s not.  It’s a committee project for church; tedious but important.

“If It’s Paper,” however, had to get put on hold until this week, along with finalizing the Valentine Dinner plans. I hope we all have a more productive week ahead of us — and that it will be a delightful one as well!
One more thing …
I know I blogged yesterday about the Valentine Project for the girls of Hope Unlimited for Children, but you all continue to amaze and bless me with your response.  You’ve got until APRIL (if that makes no sense, check it out HERE). Thanks, also, to all of you who have shared the project on your blogs!  And a special thank you to Vicki at Joyful Expressions  and Curly Willow Collections at Etsy for making this awesome blog button for our blogs!  Totally unsolicited … just using her gifts for a good cause … it arrived in my inbox this afternoon.  Love it!

I hope you’ll grab the button and add it to your blog — even blog about it. In fact, I think I’ll add a linky.  It will be up from now through April so you can blog whenever and as often as you like.  Link up your post(s) so we can all read it!  I’ll link the ones I already know about.

Thanks for helping spread the word!  Let’s show Blogland what bloggers sending love looks like!  Remember, it’s really more than “just a cause.”  It’s the lives — and futures — of young girls.  Now THAT’S a metamorphosis!

I’ll be joining Metamorphosis Monday at Between Naps on the Porch.



  1. I hope you are feeling better as the new week rolls around. I am never sick either and when I am down for some reason everyone just kind of has a “panic” thing and they don’t know WHAT to do. Amazing..cuz I really just want them all to leave me alone until I am better!;>)

    I hate those projects that are duties rather than “want to” projects. There is not a lot of delight in doing them although it is satisfying once they are done. I hope you have a great Sunday…watching the Super Bowl here. xo Diana

  2. I’m having major computer issues right now, but at the very least (the least of these…ha!) I can hopefully get the button up. I really do love this project idea.

    And on another note: I have tried and tried and tried to join that linky connect thing. I did everything right, and I still can’t log in. I’m irritated and need some chocolate to calm my nerves before I do another thing. Really, I am this // close to throwing in the blog towel.

    • Debbie, DO NOT throw in the blog towel – please. Blogland needs more “Blossom Inspection” bloggers! (Fantastic, by the way.) Thanks for putting up the Bloggers for Hope button. At least that’s computer progress, huh?

  3. Woohooo! I got my Least of These post up.
    I also (finally) got that linky thing to work for me.
    Holding the towel for a while. Don’t stand too close. I do know how to make a rat tail.

  4. Oh I am laughing out-loud and my son keeps asking, “what is it?, what is it?” Well I am so glad we both don’t see the doctor much…but I am sooooooooo sorry you had to go in and I pray you will be well soon. But like she said, “lucky you”…well we are, well we are blessed with good health and will give credit our creator and for His healing. Thank you Lord for keeping us out of the doctor’s office.

    I am putting the button on my blog..I am sharing this with my daughter also, so we can get some things out…thanks so much for allowing us to be a part of this.

    Get well…

  5. Yay! Now I can add this perfect button to my pretty page markers collection. It’s under my top menu bar if you have not noticed it.
    Glad you linked me up.
    Love your list. They always put a smile on my face because I do the same. I especially like #6’s making progress status. 😉 At least one of us is. I seem to take one step forward one day and the next two steps back. 😉
    I have a great quote for you and the doctor’s visits. A friend shared it a while back so I have to get it from her and be back with it later.
    Love ya!