Blooming Bricks and Mortar

Welcome to My Place to Yours … and another celebration of Metamorphosis Monday
What a beautiful, but windy, weekend we had here in East Tennessee! It was a productive one at My Place, but unfortunately much of my time was spent indoors working on taxes — but they’re finished! Renaissance Man, on the other hand, spent time where he most prefers it — outside working in the yard. Because he’s a traveling man (as I told you HERE), he is always grateful for time to do that.
If you’ve read much of this blog, you know that we live in a house that is over 100 years old.  Almost five years ago — after months of renovation — we moved in and continued the work.  Eventually we began to tackle the yard. A lot has been done, but we have a lot more we need to do. Each year, though, Renaissance Man has added at least one flower bed so that plants can begin to mature. Here at the beginning of Spring, most of the beds look like this.

A few flowers and trees are blooming, but the beds themselves remain borderless …

For a long time, we’ve wanted to add a border of old bricks to all the beds, but for various reasons we haven’t done it.
Availability of enough affordable old bricks, time, wanting to get other beds started … so many reasons.

We did try a temporary “fix” with new bricks around the tulip bed next to the still-to-be-finished driveway … but one day we walked outside and saw that we’d had a ground heave — and the bricks didn’t like it one bit.

Over the winter, we were fortunate to find a source of affordable antique bricks, so Renaissance Man decided that this Spring would be the time to do a few of the beds the right way. Dig a trench. Lay three courses of bricks. Stop fighting the grass in the flower beds.

… And so his work was cut out for him …
I just love a man who knows when and how to use a level!

I forgot to take a finished picture of the bed he was working on above, but here are a few of the bed alongside the driveway … the one that had the ground heave problem.

Aren’t Renaissance Man’s tulips pretty all tucked inside their new brick “home?”

Very nice work, Renaissance Man … and thank you!

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  1. Looks great! We’ve been considering using old brick for our front walk. Love it!

  2. Your blooms are just gorgeous. No spring bulbs out here yet. We were working trimming roses on Saturday and this morning we woke up to 6 inches of snow – enough already!

  3. It looks great so far! I can’t believe how many tulips you have! Wow! So pretty!

  4. Your flower beds are gorgeous now with the addition of the brick edging. I would like to edge a stone walkway with antique bricks. Could be this summer’s project.

  5. Hi Susan, Your brick around your flowers is beautiful! Renaissance Man did a great job! I also wanted our beds edged with old bricks (surprised?). The first year I laid them flat, and it didn’t take long for the grass to overtake them. Then I saw Martha Stewart did hers on the diagonal and we decided to do ours that way. Most of the beds have been done for several years and now they’re getting covered with moss, but I like that look :).
    Your spring flowers are beautiful! Hope you have a great week!
    ~ Julie

  6. It looks wonderful! You are living my dream by renovating and old home and lawn. It must be so fun.

  7. Your yard looks lovely, yesterday I was out all day enjoying the great weather, I hear it is going to be in the 80s today until the storms reach us. My sister Susan and I share a home in Johnson City TN so we are neighbors. When I say East Tn I had to become a follower.