A Thanksgiving Remembered

It was Thanksgiving weekend two years ago while shopping in Home Depot. (Hmmm … somehow that’s very appropriate!) We got the call. My sweet husband and I were going to be grandparents! Oh, how our world changed …

A grandone was on the way!

Fast forward several months. The big day finally arrived!
Little Man made his grand entrance — all 9 lbs. 9 oz. and 22″ of him! Oh, how I wish I could show you pictures of his sweet face, but I have to respect his parents’ wishes. (Yes, I know there are “crazies” out there in the world of the Internet…)

I did get permission to give you a peek, though. Just a little one. How quickly he’s gone from newborn to active toddler!
These little feet have learned to walk,
And now they’ve learned to run…
These little feet just love to dance,
They climb and have some fun…
These little feet don’t want to rest,
They only want to play…
These little feet are busy feet,
They’re on the go all day…
(Author unknown)

At 15 1/2 months, he does go-go-go all day!

For just a little longer I have the good fortune of him living nearby. We’re taking walks and picking up “treasures” (leaves, acorns, sticks). We’re smelling flowers and reading books. We’re making playdough.

Making memories.

Really good memories that my sweet husband and I treasure.

At this season of Thanksgiving, my heart is grateful for family … from this youngest member who brings such freshness, joy and smiles — to the oldest members who have offered love, stability, and godly counsel for so many years. May I be faithful to pass on the legacy.

Thanks for stopping by during this busy Thanksgiving week. I hope you are blessed by people who love you — and that you are a blessing to others.

* * * * *
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For a copy of Nonna and Little Man’s playdough recipe, click HERE!


  1. OH, what a blessing. This miracle will bless for all your years. I have five grandsons, all grown. I still count myself blessed each time I am in their presence.
    This is such a beautiful tribute. Have a Happy Thanksgiving. Hugs, Ginger

  2. Grandchildren are WONDERFUL! ….they change our lives…..

  3. What adorable little feet!!! Very creative !!!
    Thanksgiving Greetings from the other end of Tennessee!!

  4. So so sweet! Blessings on all of you!

  5. How sweet! Love your post!

  6. cutest little hands and feet… Play dough is great fun!

  7. A little one in your life just brings out the simplicity and magic of everyday life. The photos of the little feet were so sweet. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  8. oh how sweet! I jut love your collage of grandone’s toes!
    Happy Blue Monday and Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. There’s no magic like GrandOne magic!

  10. What a lovely tribute, Susan!


    Sheila 🙂

    P.S. I haven’t forgotten, but I am going to get some of that cleaner SOON! I have to nail down Mr. Magpie.

  11. So precious!

    My Blue Monday

  12. Oh, how sweet and adorable! I am going to check out your play do recipe. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  13. They grow up so fast… Lovely shots of his growth. Happy Blue Monday.

  14. My goodness what a big start he had in life! Over nine pounds? Love his chubby little feet! Congratulations and happy holidays Gram! Jacqueline

  15. Awww, my tummy is jumping coz baby is excited to see your pictures too.

    My Blue Monday post

  16. Oh this is so sweet!! Love those feet on various age just so cool!
    Blue Moon

  17. Wonderful memories! I hope you have a joyous Thanksgiving.

  18. That is a sweet tribute to your little fellow. I enjoyed seeing his little feet and legs as they grew.

  19. What a sweet post. Happy Thanksgiving and Blue Monday.

  20. Oh how sweet! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your beautiful family!

  21. What a sweet post! I love all the feet pics. I know you are enjoying your grandchild as we are ours. Thank you for your comment on my post yesterday. Wanted you to know I love what and how you wrote your “about me.” Kindred spirits I think!